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GladSkin eczema cream tested

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First things first, GladSkin sent me a free sample of their Eczema Cream to review and since I’ve got particularly dry, sensitive, eczematous skin it’s a tough test for any cream or moisturiser.

This is how it works (from their website)

GladSkin Eczema Cream
GladSkin Eczema Cream

Billions of bacteria live on our skin. We now know good bacteria are essential for the protection of our skin and vital in maintaining a healthy skin condition. But there are also bacteria, like S. aureus, that can cause inflammation and symptoms such as itch, redness and rashes and trigger flare-ups.

Gladskin Eczema is the world’s only product that targets just the harmful S. aureus bacteria. Unlike conventional products, Gladskin leaves the good bacteria – essential for healthy skin – intact. It is a harmless but real active solution, suitable for long-term daily use.

Why is Staphylococcus aureus such a problem for eczema skin

Scientists have proven that people with atopic skin and eczema have far higher populations of Staph A than those with clear eczema free skin. Add this to the lack of Filaggrin, the filament in skin which binds healthy skin strongly together and you have a bad combination. The poor Filaggrin in eczema skin allows any bacteria to get right into the cracks in dry skin, as detailed above, causing redness, itching and infection.

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Testing GladSkin Eczema Cream

Firstly this is totally safe and not a steroid so already gets my thumbs up.

I did notice that my skin improved using this cream. It is cooling to apply, smooth and didn’t irritate my skin. It also went a very long way for a small 50ml sample.

I do have very dry skin though so I used GladSkin is a base layer and applied emollient on top when my skin felt particularly dry and tight. I wonder if the gel may be better for particularly dry skin.

What I like most about GladSkin is that it’s actively addressing a problem with eczema skin, ie. the bacteria. So many products sold for eczema are just sticky, gloopy stuff, especially the prescribed tubs of lard that I use, because I can’t afford not to. There is nothing healing or beneficial to skin in any of the emollients I use that I get on prescription. All they do is smother the skin, and they do help moisturise but they are not pleasant to use.

GladSkin is also in a pump dispenser so is more hygienic than dipping fingers into a pot.

The only thing I found uncomfortable was the feel of it on the palms of my hands. I always want to wash the layer off from my palms, which are not affected by eczema anyway. Everywhere else it felt lovely on my skin, so I guess maybe it’s just me being weird.

You apply this cream to clean skin twice a day and it really did seem to reduce itching and redness for me. Time will tell, I need to use it for a bit longer to see if it really works but I’m very confident.

So thank you GladSkin. I enjoyed trying this eczema cream and would definitely buy it again, though I will probably try the gel and need a larger pot!

Has anyone else tried this? How did you find it on your eczema? Would you recommend it?

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