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Nov 27, Generic Version Of Protopic Ointment Launched

A company in Allegan, Michigan, has launched a generic version of Protopic ointment, also known as tacrolimus. Perrigo Co. PLC is marketing a 0.1 percent and a 0.03 percent version of the ointment, which is used to treat moderate to severe eczema. In a statement, the company has said that shipments have started to pharmacies. In the last year, the brand sales of Protopic ointment were around $ 176 million. Having a generic version of the ointment will hopefully mean a more cost effective treatment for eczema sufferers
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Dec 29, Eczema Bulletin Newsletter

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Apr 20, The 5 Most Allergy Prone Destinations In The World

A news article on has revealed the top 5 places that are the most allergy prone destinations in the world. I have to admit I was surprised by at least 3 of them! 1. Knoxville, Tennessee 2. London, UK 3. Singapore 4. Louisville, Kentucky 5. Australia Most of these places cause problems for allergy sufferers because of pollen. But also mentioned in the report is smog, dust mites and food.
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May 26, Ragweed Pollen Could Increase Hayfever In Europe

Scientists are saying that climate change and seed disposal are the main reasons for the increase. Ragweed is found in North America, but it is quickly coming to Europe. The main areas that will be affected are Northern Europe, UK and Northern France. The results of a study show that in the next 35 years the instances of hayfever will increase by up to 4 times in these areas. This is not good news for hayfever sufferers, and will mean that even more people will become sufferers. If you are, or a family member suffers from eczema then this is something to keep an eye on, as you could be in the high risk group likely to develop hayfever due to ragweed in the future.
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