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5 Best Asian Restaurants In Montreal- Get The Top Names!

When you visit Montreal, you will find a wide variety of Asian restaurants to select from. Whether you are in search of some amazing restaurants serving your personal favorites like Sea Bass or sushi, you will find a vast selection of Asian styled restaurants to meet your pallet.

Most Asian restaurants in Montreal are known best to serve in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, displaying a casual grace of their own. Plates are usually served with utmost care that serves to be the feast for both your pallet and eyes.

Generally, Asian cuisine styles are divided into different regions which have its roots in the cultures and people belonging to those areas and regions. The major cuisine styles involve East Asian which finds its origins in the modern Korean peninsula and Japan. Another popular cuisine style is that of the Southeast Asia that encompasses various areas, including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Philippines, and Vietnam.

The South Asian regional cuisine style includes states which once made up the whole of British India, including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India and Burma. There are several other countries in this continent, Middle Eastern and Central Asian.

Let’s now find out some of the top Asian restaurants in Montreal that offer varied Asian cuisine styles to serve all tastes.

Le Palais Imperial

The Imperial Palace Restaurant is not all about food; it’s about good taste and quality service. This Montreal Asian restaurant welcomes you to enjoy some delectable and alluring Thai and Szechwan cuisines always in popular demand. Visit and enjoy some of the opulent Oriental cuisines served with excellence.

Kam Fung

The La Maison Kam Fung restaurant specializes in serving you special Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine. It is popular among the locals and the visitors and boasts of serving the best Dim Sum within the city.

Bato Thai

Located in Ste-Catherine East, Bato Thai is one of the most popular Asian restaurants in Montreal. It serves a range of skillfully prepared dishes to cater to the taste of different people. Come and enjoy a variety of seafood dishes, noodle and vegetable dishes, chicken satay and spring rolls.

Hong Kong
Situated in the heart of the Chinatown, Hong Kong is known to offer you a great variety of the traditional dishes like sea bass, soups, dumplings, lobster and crispy chicken. Get the best of Chinese cuisines at an affordable price. This restaurant is best for traditional Chinese dishes and great soups.


Located in the heart of Downtown Montreal, Kaizan is a highly admired restaurant and Sushi Bar of the city, in service to offer you great food and a modern ambiance. It features the freshest seafood and fish recipes, sashimi, lambas, maki, kobe beef, seafood soups and oysters tri afeller. Out here you can enjoy a great variety of dream desserts and a fine selection of imported sakes and wines. Enjoy some vibrant music and live jazz on the evenings (Sunday to Tuesday) while enjoying great food in this world-class restaurant.

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