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Baby Eczema – What Every Parent Should Know About Dermatitis

A baby or toddler that has eczema can be very cranky and irritable. To see your baby with a rash or red patches can be very difficult emotionally. Watching your infant squirm and be in discomfort can make you feel

helpless. The itchy sensations can disturb your child’s sleep and this will mean you aren’t sleeping well either.

It’s important to have your child wear little mittens to prevent scratching. Be sure also that the nails are cut short as this is an instinctive response to an itch that most adults cannot even control. Your child may resist it when you try to cut the nails, so make it into a little game and be playful about it.

Fabrics and skin care are very important to help relieve baby eczema problems:

1) Dress your child in cotton as wool and other fabrics can create an itching sensation.

2) Use products for sensitive skin to assure your baby will not get further inflammation on the skin. This includes the laundry products, bath oils, shampoos and moisturizers used.

3) Avoid wearing perfumes and fragrances in case your child is having an allergic reaction to these factors.

4) Be sure to air out your child’s room daily with fresh air, check for mold or mildew and wash surfaces with an all natural cleaner. Vacuum to pick up dust particles that may cause respiratory or rash problems.

5) Get a moisturizer for sensitive skin designed for toddlers and use it during the day two to three times. Apply it while your child’s skin is still damp after a bath. Sing songs with your baby or toddler and distract them so they aren’t focused on the eczema rash.

6) Rotate foods and try to avoid milk, eggs and wheat for a week in your child’s diet in case these are the trigger culprits for the dermatitis.

Try to keep your mood cheerful and don’t be overwhelmed by your child’s situation. By having a light and hopeful attitude, you will convey this to your child.

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