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Eczema Shampoo – Is My Shampoo Causing My Eczema?

Many people suffer from various forms of scalp disorders such as dandruff and a flaky scalp, to the more serious conditions such as scalp dermatitis and eczema. Those individuals may reach for the popular eczema shampoo or other types of medicated shampoo to treat the problem, however, this is not always the answer. Eczema shampoo does not necessarily have to be in the form of a medicated shampoo and if you are using this without any success, this article may shed some light.

There are many reasons why you may develop eczema on your scalp such as nutrient deficiencies and weather changes, but one of the more increasing causes for scalp eczema is in your existing shampoo.

Of course, if your doctor has prescribed you with a medicated shampoo then that is a different matter, however, if you are self prescribing or just continuing to use your every-day shampoo, you may find that these can aggravate rather than help your situation.

All non-organic shampoos both medicated and non-medicated contain harsh chemicals, most notably sodium-laureth sulphate, which is used to facilitate the lathering. Research has shown that these chemicals can cause scalp, eye and follicle irritation which can worsen an existing problem or cause new problems. Most of us have used these shampoos our entire life and some may have always had scalp problems where others have more recently developed them.

Sensitive skin can develop problems at any time, so in this instance, it is a good idea to obtain an organic shampoo which contains no unnatural ingredients. If your scalp begins to clear up, then you can be sure that the cause of your scalp condition was down to your shampoo, if not, then you can begin to find out the real cause of your scalp problems.

As stated, this could be due to an imbalanced diet with nutrition deficiencies such as the B vitamins which among other uses, are involved in scalp health. Other causes may include allergies to hair products or other environmental issues such as weather extremes. Using medicated shampoo, may indeed, temporarily stop the scalp condition, but unless the root cause is determined, then it may return before too long.

There are many effective and natural methods to clear and prevent scalp eczema. Finding the best eczema shampoo can be very difficult and the results may not always be the desired outcome. For a full guide to scalp health and maintenance, continue to Remedies For Eczema.

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