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Getting Answers About Treating Dermatitis

The way to overcome anything is to understand the cause. This is true for skin disorders such as treating dermatitis as well. There are no clear cut answers to the origin of eczema but there is evidence that triggers can cause or aggravate it. For instance, we know that for some extreme temperatures such as cold or warm weather can worsen a rash or dry out the skin so that a rash begins. The uncontrollable urge to itch on the affected area of the body also increases. We also know that certain allergens such as those from dust or mold can also trigger eczema. Other people develop reactions to certain chemicals, or foods that are in our daily lives.

Therefore, we can only conclude that if you want to stop eczema, you would have to deal with your trigger factors. For people who have allergic responses, the good thing is that these can be identified. For instance, an allergist can test for reactions to specific foods, dust and pet hair. If you think that you are allergic to pets, and yet you continue to expose yourself to them, you may not find a complete cure of eczema any time soon. Making changes is not easy. To deny yourself a food or cancel a visit to a friend’s due to their pet can be difficult. Nonetheless, exposure to something your body can’t tolerate can last for days and trigger a cascade
of reactions over weeks or even months.

It is also possible that stress levels could cause a dermatitis outbreak. This is controversial but we know that hives and acne can be triggered by anxiety levels.
Study your habits and the ways you respond to challenging circumstances.

Eczema can also be attributed to dry skin, which means that keeping your skin moist will be beneficial. You may need to test various moisturizers or ointments to find what works best for your skin. Be sure that nut oils are absent in case you are allergic to that.

It can be an up and down situation for those with chronic dermatitis. Sometimes you can go months free of a rash only to have it return. Try to keep examining the underlying factors, use moisturizer, incorporate healthy foods and supplements into your life, watch the clothing you place on your body and keep your stress levels minimal.

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