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Hair Loss Treatments For The Brave And The Bold

There are a host of products and methods which extol their prowess in hair loss treatment. Unfortunately, many consumers end up with monetary loss whilst still making no progress to the tops of their heads. Short of gluing down a wig for a dip in the pool or to forge through blustery conditions, one can always paint his scalp black and resemble a billiard ball. Although hair transplant stays put, the physical and financial ouch factors tend to make a mouse out of a man.

Since these are not means which most want to subject themselves to, the obvious is to take a good look at ones medicine cabinet and bathroom products. Taking several types of medications may cause certain interactions manifesting in loss of hair. A quick check with ones doctor should help to sort things out. Shampoos and conditioners meant to produce a bouncy and voluminous head of hair may also be the culprit as some may pose to be too harsh to sensitive or oily scalps, thus hastening loss. Hair styling efforts with an overdose of gels, mousses and sprays also prey on weakened tresses making them brittle. Perhaps it is time to give hair some space to breathe and recoup its strength.

Other forms of hair loss treatment include the ever popular products which tote stringent testing procedures in laboratories followed by user groups before release for public consumption. Although some have shown more significant results than others, there is a need for continual usage to ensure permanent results.

Alternative methods also exist for those who prefer a more lasting effect without the need for a strict regiment of popping pills and subjecting their scalps to sprays, creams and like products. By adhering to the principle of less is more, a tastefully designed hairpiece draws minimal attention to the faux thus putting the wearer at ease. Bravehearts opt for surgical hair transplants which do not grow nor promote growth, setting up permanent residence where once was sparsely inhabited.

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