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How Do You Control The Dermatitis Itching and Burning

When you have eczema, the constant remind of it is the itching. Itching is a sensation that even the most distant people can’t ignore. It brings you constantly back to your body and a reminder of your condition. When there are periods without itching, it is much more bearable and you can forget yourself and your problems. Because of this, the best thing you can do while working on finding a working remedy for the skin irritation is to control the annoying itching sensations.

Using a perfume-free moisturizer without alcohol is important. Your doctor may also suggest a cortisone cream, but even with this you need to use a moisturizer twice a day. When I did this, I noticed that I had some gaps in the day where I wasn’t in discomfort and anxious about the dermatitis. I could forget and get absorbed in activities and laughing again.

Another tool is to use antihistamines. These need to be used properly as using an evening formula can make you very drowsy during the day and unable to function properly.  Antihistamines are strong and can even relieve the awful sensations from red ant bites.  Don’t feel you are weak for needing them. There is no point in suffering unnecessarily and taking risks. The risk you take when you have itching sensations is that you will want to scratch your skin.

For children, antihistamines are important as they will scratch themselves otherwise. They also will be miserable from the feeling. Let your child know that the scratching can lead to an infected area of their skin. Use oatmeal baths to help them get relief. Have them wear cotton clothing to not have any scratchy materials on the skin. Also urge them to not check the skin every ten minutes. Explain it is a process of healing and it will take a little bit of time.

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