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How To Cure Your Eczema – Origin Of The Term Eczema And How To Cure This Skin Condition

The term eczema was actually coined from the Greek words which when put together, means to boil over. Another word that is also used and may also refer to eczema is dermatitis, and this term also comes from Greek words. Dermatitis is originated from the Greek words for skin and the exact same term for the condition that happens to the skin of those with this affliction.

Eczema is actually a skin disorder that results from an overactive immune system and up to about 20 percent of all the people all over the world are afflicted by this skin disorder. The people that may be affected by this chronic skin disorder will be ranging from even small kids to even infants, and even adults up to really old adults. Usually, eczema disappears by adolescence but there are some cases that people still suffer its chronic skin inflammations all throughout their lives.

Eczema is characterized by the appearance of these inflammations- usually in the wrists, hands, face, arms, the backs of the knees, the back, and the legs. These inflammations also include redness, swelling, excessive skin dryness, flakiness crusting, blistering, oozing, and bleeding as well as extreme itchiness.

How to cure eczema? There actually is, up to now, no known cure for eczema. There have been many medications and treatments prescribed in order to suppress or prevent its flare outs, but there has been no discovered full cure for making it vanish all away altogether. Therefore, this article will discuss ways on how to cure the effects of eczema.

As in most other diseases, stress is a major, if not number one contributor to this, so you must learn to detect, deal with, and cope with stress in order to keep your situation from getting any worse.

When there is too much heat and sweating, the swelling and the irritation also occurs. This adds to the itchiness of the inflammations so it becomes harder to keep yourself from scratching. One of the most important rules to remember when you are dealing with eczema is do not scratch- because scratching will only lead you into worsening your affected skins condition.

Some medications have been discovered to be effective in treating the effects of eczema despite their original purposes being different.

The most effective medications used that somehow dramatically reduce the effects of eczema are immunosuppressants. Since eczema is a skin condition that results from the disordered immune system that becomes overactive, one of those that are commonly prescribed to combat this is immunosuppresssants. Immunosuppressants, from the term itself, work to suppress the activities of the immune system and the effects of this medication can be seen because the appearance of the inflammations and the skin discolorations are dramatically reduced.

Skin barrier emulsions are also used to help heal the persons suffering from eczema. The skin barrier emulsions contain ceramides (which is also a very popular ingredient for other medications in the use as treatment against eczema), free fatty acids and cholesterol. These are used on the skin to repair the damage that has been done.

Steroids are also used topically but may be taken orally depending on the severity of the eczema.

All of these medications may have side effects and require prescription that is why it is highly advisable to consult a credible health practitioner in order to determine the right dosage, amount and application that is needed by the inflicted.

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