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How To Treat Dermatitis Effectively

True enough, a lot of people are having a hard time determining the exact cause of facial dermatitis or facial eczema.Indisputably, people who are affected by this skin condition will agree that facial eczema is hard to deal with.

Characteristically, affected individuals are faced with emotional stressed and embarrassment. Redness, dryness, and scaly skin are apparent in people with this kind of skin condition. If the person is touching his face without washing his hands, it would lead to other infections.

There are a variety of factors that can cause dermatitis on the face. Allergic reactions may take days to develop but in other cases, rashes immediately appear after initial exposure. Rough and coarse materials are responsible for skin irritation including dust, smoke, detergents, animal dander, and other substances.

In general, people who belong to the young and middle aged adults are affected by this distressing skin condition.Aside from those factors, this skin condition can also be triggered by strong fragrances and cosmetic contents that we tend to use everyday. Before determining the definitive solution and management for eczema, you ought to know the different causes of eczema or dermatitis.

You must first identify which things or materials are causing your skin to become irritated. If you cannot determine the substances or allergens, you can seek advice from the dermatologists. They will order a series of tests and perform patch tests to determine the causative allergens. Certainly, there are a number of allergens that can trigger allergic hypersensitivity to the skin.Here are some of them.

· Acrylates are often used in artificial nails. They are available mostly in salon parlors.Though it cannot directly affects the face, most people usually scratch and touches the skin on their face. It is also used in some eyeglass frames and dental resins. Having contact with these substances could trigger dermatitis and sometimes cause eczema flare ups.

· Benzophenone is another substance which can also cause allergy. It is a sunscreen ingredient which blocks ultraviolet radiations from the sun. The most affected areas by these allergies are the face and neck. It is also used in the manufacture of various hair care products such as baby shampoos.

· If you are using mascara, you may have heard the term Colophony, the sticky material used in this cosmetic.It is also known as pine resin and responsible for causing allergies. Pine resin can be transferred from the fingers which are exposed to different activities such as playing stringed instruments, baseball, and bowling.

· Another common metal that can trigger dermatitis flare ups is known as Nickel. It is usually present in jewelries and earrings. Gold is another allergen which may be transferred on our face from the gold rings and bangles on our hands.

· Rubber is made up of different allergenic chemicals other than latex. It may cause facial dermatitis since foam rubber sponges are used by women to apply and remove make up.

These are some of the substances which may irritate the skin and cause facial dermatitis. The key in the treatment of this skin condition is to identify the different allergens that cause it.

Learn the different causes of eczema which affects the face and the neck. Eczema on face is difficult to deal with if you do not know the causes. Visit our site today and learn from our experts.

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