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Ludlow – City on the Hill

The town of Ludlow is one of the most vibrant and lively places in the country of England. Sitting atop a beautiful cliff in the intoxicatingly rich atmosphere around River Teme, is this small town called Ludlow. Covering an area of just 350 acres, this town is located in Shropshire, England. The town and the buildings are designed well and look structured, thanks to the planning that was done 900 years ago.

The town of Ludlow is a pretty ancient town and has some exquisitely beautiful pieces of architecture. One such elegant structure is the Ludlow Castle. Though the castle is not present in its entirety, the ruins stand to tell the story of its beauty. The castle which is a blend of Norman, Medieval and Tudor architecture stands as an imposing structure rising against the backdrop of River Teme.

This castle that was built in the year 1085, fell into the hands of the present owners in the year 1811. This castle that is now kept open for public to visit is also the place for the famous Ludlow Festival from June to July, Ludlow Food and Drink Festival in the month of September and the Festival of Transport in the early weeks of May each year.

The St Laurence’s Parish Church is another notable structure in Ludlow. This church carries the fame of being the largest church in the country and was built in the 15th century. This church is kept open to the public on all days of the year. The tower of this beautiful church has a ring of 8 bells which is the finest in the country.

Another historically significant building in Ludlow is The Feathers Hotel. This building was built in the year 1619 by the then famous advocate Rees Jones. It is called the Feathers Hotel because there were certain motifs in the hotel that resembled the ostrich feathers.

In the past, this hotel provided shelter to many weary travelers and also served them food and beer. Occasionally used for betting and gambling, this place was also the center of political meetings.

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