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Plastic Fish Bowls – Uses Beyond the Convenience Store Countertop

If you’re a business owner of any sort – such as someone who manages a convenience store, candy store, grocery store, or even amusement park – you probably think of plastic fish bowl containers as ways to organize, store, and display your business’s merchandise or prizes. Even if you don’t own a business, as a customer at any of these establishments, thinking of fish bowl containers probably conjures up images of brightly colored candies or gumballs atop a convenience store’s countertop.

However, there are many uses for fish bowls beyond these purposes. These durable containers are available in many different sizes, and you can find them designed to sit upright or at an angle – it all depends on your particular needs.

Read on for three ways you can use fish bowl containers for your own business or personal needs – behind the convenience store countertop!

1. Use Plastic Fish Bowls as Collection Containers

These containers are great for more than just organizing, displaying, and storing merchandise – they’re also perfect for collecting things, too!

Fundraising and nonprofit organizations or event organizers can use fish bowl containers to collect money.
Everyone from a bartender at a restaurant or tavern to a piano player at a nightclub can use a fish bowl to collect tips.
Amusement part employees can use fish bowls to collect ticket stubs as well as display small prizes for winning games.

2. Use Plastic Fish Bowls as Decorative Pieces

Glass fish bowls offer a certain elegance to decorative pieces, such as those you see as centerpieces on tables at events, but plastic fish bowl containers offer what their glass counterparts cant – durability!

Consider using plastic fish bowl containers as decorative pieces for tables and other displays at:

Wedding receptions.
Birthday and anniversary parties.
Graduation celebrations.
Proms and other formal dances.
Office parties or other gatherings.

NOTE: Using live fish as part of your decorative piece isn’t recommended. Even if your intentions are good, there are still several risks to consider. For example, you might not be able to find homes for the fish once the party is over, or, the party might present such an environment that the fish aren’t safe. Play it safe and keep your plastic fish bowl decorative pieces reserved for nonliving displays. Depending on where your event is located and the environment of the celebration, some ideas might include filling them with decorative beads, seashells, or floating candles.

3. Use Plastic Fish Bowls at Trade Shows

There are numerous uses for fish bowls at trade shows. For example:

Depending on your product, you might be able to use fish bowl containers to organize and display your items.
You can use fish bowls to organize, display, and offer small trinkets or “gifts” bearing your company’s logo, such as pens, pencils, magnets, or matchbooks.
You can use clear fish bowls to organize, display, and offer your company’s business cards or to collect the business cards of interested potential customers or other professionals in your industry.

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