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Psoriasis Causes and Symptoms and Treatment and Natural Home Remedy Cure for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious disease that is characterized by itchiness and a skin rash. The rash is usually red and slightly raised, with silvery, scaling patches on top of the red regions. The infection usually affects the elbows, knees, scalp, fingernails, and trunk of the body. Psoriasis can also lead to arthritis-like joint pain.

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Causes Of Psoriasis

1. Metabolism of amino acids

2. Abnormality in the mechanism through which the skin grows and replaces itself

3. Heredity Factors

4. Infections

5. Injury to the skin

6. Certain medicines

7. Skin infection

8. Stressful lifestyle

Symptoms Of Psoriasis

1. Red and irritated skin

2. Bright silvery scales on skin

3. Itching

4. Feeling stressed out

5. Irritation

6. Feeling of helplessness

7. Headache

8. Weak memory

9. Foul body smell



We know that there is no Psoriasis treatment that is going to cure Psoriasis from ever coming back. However, there are some Psoriasis treatment options that you can use to treat it after you get it. Most of the time, these treatments come in a cream or ointment. You simply apply these to the affected area, and it can help to lotion them up. This will keep them from turning scaly and, of course, keep them from itching. The bad news is that Psoriasis will keep coming back. You could go a few weeks without having it, or just a few days. Chances are, you will have to keep using the cream to keep your Psoriasis from hurting.

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Hot Epsom salt bath has been proven by doctors on its value in treatment of psoriasis. Applying olive oil or lotion after Epsom salt bath will be better as lotion will keep your skin moisturizes. Do make sure that your skin is keep moisturize at all time, and avoid traveling to places with uncertain weather as too hot or too cold will cause the air humidity level to drop.

Please enjoy more sunlight, as research proves that UV ray from the sunlight is the best cure for psoriasis. There is a psoriasis treatment that doctor used for psoriasis treatment, which is prescribe artificial ultraviolet light. A less expensive alternative is to simply get more sunlight! Exposure to the sun can enhance the production of Vitamin D, which has been found to be effective at treating psoriasis.

Diet is also very important in improving psoriasis condition, having more organic food and home grown vegetables will improve your health also. One of the best vegetable that is recommended by doctors is bitter gourd. Take a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice daily, and if you don’t like the bitter taste, mixed with a teaspoon of lime juice will be better.

There is a lot of psoriasis treatment available in the market with lots of chemical substance either to apply on your skin or tablets for medication. Personally I would recommend simple and natural psoriasis home remedies to cure/relief your psoriasis symptoms and get rid of psoriasis permanently!


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