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Solutions to Eczema Itching – Relief From Scratching the Rash and Ways to Stop Skin Inflammation

For many people with atopic dermatitis, it is the eczema itching that is the most frustrating aspect. Itching is a constant reminder of a problem. When you itch it disrupts your connection with whatever you are involved with. When I speak with clients with eczema rashes, psoriasis or other skin issues , itching is their constant reminder of something being wrong.

Scratching an itchy skin rash is almost impossible to resist. But when you scratch blisters, red bumps or patches you are making the skin problem worse. We don’t always remember to wash our hands and this can lead to a bacterial infection. Kids are very prone to this. Even if you do wash your hands, when you have an open sore, blister or pimple irritated by scratching, an external agent that comes in contact with the skin can result in an infection.

Reducing the sensation of itching is important for mental health as well. It is hard to concentrate on anything when you have the urge to scratch yourself frequently. This also can make sleeping tough. Without proper rest, you will slow down healing.

Oils such as coconut oil, olive oil and neem oil are all good for the dry eczema skin rash and can give the skin the moisturizer it sorely needs. Clip your nails and your children’s nails plus file them to remove any sharp edges. Using benadryl for sleep is a good way to get the rest needed. People scratch themselves during sleep so having short nails is important. During the day, there are non-drowsy formulas you can take of antihistamines. Oatmeal baths are soothing to the skin. Take a good B-complex capsule as well as multi-vitamin to build your system back to normal.

Though ultimately you need to find the root of the eczema skin problem and not just relieve the itching symptoms, it is important to not scratch the skin. A combination of stress relief, avoidance of problematical foods, awareness of how much sun your body can take and learning environmental triggers is a complete system to relieve the dermatitis problem.

Use a complete system to relieve the itchy eczema rash. Learn how to find Eczema Itching Relief by getting to the root of the rash problem at

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