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Supor Seb Group, Seb Will Not Be Easy To Master To Interfere In Its Operations – Supor, Seb, Kitchen

When Private enterprise Home Su Xianze tears in the framework agreement signed his name, his fate and the largest

Cooking utensils The fate of both companies Supor this rewrite.
8 16, Zhejiang Supor Cookware Co., Ltd. (002 032) Notice that, to achieve equity with the French group SEB

Cooperation Framework agreement, stock transfer by agreement, private placement, and some offer three ways, the French group SEB will eventually hold 61% stake in Supor, as the actual controlling shareholder. To do this, SEB will cost 2.37 billion yuan. The Group is the world’s largest small

Home Appliances And kitchen manufacturers. A result, private enterprises Supor transforming itself into a joint venture, which started from scratch with his father’s Su Xianze Supor also by a private

Entrepreneur Into a professional manager. Give up controlling interest Supor become the first foreign-controlled A-share listed companies.

“Give up a controlling stake in Su’s family is a sacrifice.” Supor vice president Wang Fenghe 16, an interview, “but it is for the core technology and Supor future.”

Wang Fenghe said Supor brand not only will remain, will be landing in the SEB with the help of the international market. Supor products will use the SEB’s international channels and resources to promote international sales. In order to avoid competition with the industry, SEB brands Tefal, Rowenta products sales and marketing in China will be unified to the Supor

Management . In the present Supor Cookware,
Small appliances Brand is licensed to listed companies, while the right to use other types of brands belong to Supor Group.

In addition to the core technology
made, the money is another reason. Supor secretaries to directorate Ye Jide said: “Although this is not short of money Supor, but the next one to three years, Supor urgent need for expansion capacity.”

According to plan, the financing of the capital, Supor will be used for electrical production base in Shaoxing, Wuhan production base of two items and cooking utensils production base project in Vietnam.

SEB to buy the Chinese market
Different with most of the acquisition, SEB not only retained the Supor brand, also retains all the core management Supor. “In addition to sending people to the Board, SEB will not interfere with the specific operation Supor.” Vice president Wang Fenghe Supor said.

SEB’s financial advisers, Guoxin
Securities Vice President Zhang Guiqing said, “SEB plans to introduce Supor brand management experience to help enhance its brand portfolio Supor. SEB also plans to transfer core technology and production capacity into full play Supor.” Learned, SEB will be sending technology personnel to assist the work of Supor.

Prior to the acquisition of Supor
, SEB has entered the Chinese market a decade, but performance is very unsatisfactory. Zhanggui Qing view, SEB on Supor strategy that quality of listed companies

Investment Successfully enter the Chinese market, could promote the global development strategy.
Supor secretaries to directorate Ye Jide view: “SEB with the money to the Chinese market, the Asian market.”

Nearly 150 years of SEB Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of small household appliances and cooking one. In 2005, SEB Group, sales of 2.463 billion euros, is Supor 10 times sales.

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