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The Acai Berry – A Waste of Time Or Not?

The tree is fast growing, which is just as well as demand has grown rapidly since publicity began a few years back.

This little berry is portrayed as the number 1 super food, but why? About 5 years back a Dr. Perricone published a book where he stated it was the no. 1 super food. “Studies have shown this little berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world” he wrote. Dr. Perricone then went onto appear on Oprah and talk about what he had written.

The berry is full of antioxidants, healthy Omega fats, nutrients and vitamins. It’s considered a super food as it has a complete nutrition profile. Because of this, it’s considered to be beneficial to your health and your cardiovascular system, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease. Whilst many people have said red wine is considered good for you, this berry has been claimed to contain far more ‘anthocyanins’. A study done by the University of Florida and published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry demonstrated that antioxidants from the acai berry triggered a self destruct response to 86% of cultured Leukemia cancer cells tested. So is it beneficial to cancer?

The fruit is considered of high economic value to the regions where it is harvested, making up a major part of their diet. The Acai is widely consumed for example, in Brazil. Some examples include mixing it with Granola, as a juice, or even as an Ice Cream.

It is now being widely promoted as a dietary supplement, and beneficial to weight loss. One has to be very careful which claims to believe for the product to date, as there are a number of conflicting reports. Certainly omega fats are good for you in which case should benefit your good cholesterol, so too antioxidants are good for you. There are reports that claim it is beneficial to the aging process due to the amino acids and minerals that are contained.

Acai Berry juice is becoming more widely available, just ensure it’s 100% juice, with no added sugar. Look for products frozen quickly after harvesting otherwise a lot of the goodness will have disappeared.

We will keep a keen eye on the reports and research to see how this develops.

Lana Soko is passionate about health and writes for

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