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There are many Police Dash Lights that can assist officers in their duties

What is the benefit of internal lights on a police vehicle? Well, they can serve many purposes. Other than the obvious lighting of the interior of the vehicle, the police dash lights can incorporate a take down light and act as hazard warning. The interior lighting is becoming more and more popular. This is because internally mounted lights are protected from the elements and they give a powerful light lower down on the vehicle. Many police vehicles will have a roof-mounted light and a dash mounted light to give them maximum visibility.

There is no standard amount of lighting on a police vehicle, and rules very from state to state and department to department. Police dash lights will come with all the facilities of a roof-mounted lightbar, and that includes various coloured LED lights, different flash patterns and variable uses. Most police vehicles will have at a minimum the roof-mounted lightbar, and this is needed to keep them visible and warn and inform other road users. If you see a flashing light in your rear view mirror, it is very visible, and police need this high visibility to maintain their safety and that of the public.

Police Dash lights assist officers in their duties because they can be used as take down lights. Basically, a takedown light is an extremely bright light, which is intended to temporarily blind a person looking at the cruiser. Police use take down lights so they can see us, but we can’t see them. Take down lights are extremely bright, intense light intended to allow the police to see us. The intensity of the take down light means we can’t actually see the officer, and this helps maintain their safety. If they can’t be seen people can’t aim a gun or other weapon at them.

As you can see the use of police dash lights is beneficial to the officers and helps them in their job. A police officer won’t use all of the lights on the vehicle all of the time. Lighting on a police vehicle is only to be used in emergency situations and police are to use caution even then. It is crucial that police only use their lights in certain situations otherwise the effectiveness of them diminishes. It may seem like we see flashing lights and police dash lights every minute of every day on our streets, but that just shows how many emergencies to which the police have to respond.

A police officer going about his or her duties needs all of the protection they can have. The job they do is fraught with danger, hazard and potentially life threatening situations. The lighting on police vehicles helps keep them safe in many situations. If they are stationary at an incident, then the lights will be deployed to warn road users. If they are in pursuit of a felon in a vehicle they will use all lights and audible siren. The police dash lights help at a scene to protect the officers from all manner of attack, and also provide interior lighting in the vehicle to assist them with paperwork and getting people in and out of the vehicle safely.

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