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Top 5 Things to Do to Have Fun on a Boring Summer Day

5) Start a garden! not only will this kill lots of time but it will provide you with some of the fruits and veggies that will be tastier and fresher than anything else you can get. Its also fun to get out and learn the process of development by watching your garden sprout up and out of those tiny little seeds, you also stay cool when playing in the dirt or while watering. This gets onto the list because of the amount of fun time it provides but takes #5 because of the amount of work and space needed.

4) Watch a movie! we used to go to the movie theaters to get some free air conditioning and good entertainment. When i got a bit older instead of paying $ 10 a person to get into the theater we thought it a good idea to buy our own projector. This saved money in the long run and we could have movie night anywhere we wanted including outside on a cool summer night. This got fourth on the list because of the cost involved but its still nice to do now and then.

3) Pick up a camera! This is a great hobby to start up one summer because you can incorporate photography into any activity or you can make up adventures for the sole purpose of capturing a beautiful picture, and you don’t even need a professional camera! this gets number three on our list because of its ability to adapt to any situation to lead to a fun adventure.

2) The Water balloon launcher: This toy not only keeps you cool but is incredibly fun and mostly for the diversity of different things it could be used for. Me and my friends used to make a few of these and we would set up on both sides of the park and literally have wars with rules that were always changing and evolving to make the games more entertaining and refreshing. This always of course led to mischief in public places and often times things other than water balloons would get loaded in the launcher. You can use your imagination with this toy and you can also easily take it anywhere outdoors and have fun with it and because of this it gets number five on my list. After you get your hands on this toy you will be occupied for at least an extra two weeks of summer. In one of my blogs i tell you how to make your own launcher at


1) Its usually free, it can take anywhere from 15 min to an entire day of your time and can take you into various adventures and sights. Number one on our list is Hiking. Not only can you stay cool by hiking to a waterfall or spring and take a dip but you can get some exercise in, have a good time with friends, and see some beautiful scenes. Some of the greatest adventures in my life have happened on hiking trips and for that reason alone hiking gets number one. So go out and see what you can find! Best of all you can combine many of the other ideas with this one.

Author: Ryan Vander Werff from Manteca California, outdoors man and thinker.

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