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Top Shop Fittings Manufacturers

Setting up a high street store involves a series tasks, be it a sports shop or a supermarket. All high street stores have one thing in common, they all need shop fittings: shelves, counters, gondolas, slatwalls, etc…

Nowadays there are many shop fittings manufacturers producing a wide range of store fixtures tailored to the clients needs. Here in the UK the market leading manufacturers are Tegometall, Caem, Arneg, Kleerex and Store it Direct. Each one of them are specialised in one shop fitting segment that I will describe in detail.


Founded in 1954 by Rudolf Bohnacker in Blaubeuren, Germany. Tegometall is considered by many Europe’s and UK’s number1 shop fittings manufacturers. Initially Tegometall started producing shelving systems using a unique concept that evolved and it is now one of the most comprehensive shopfittings systems to date.

Over the years the company evolved and nowadays Tegometall uses state-of-the-art technology to produce world class shop fittings. Tegometall factories are equipped with automated processes including large scale press units, CAD supported laser press units and solvent free powder lacquers painting methods. All of Tegometall operating and auxiliary materials are free of chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, and the use of PVC foils has been completely discontinued.


Caem Shelving Engineering is a steel modular retail shop fitting system that uses cutting edge technology to produce shelving systems of the highest quality tailored to your shop needs.

The design of the structural components and the speed and precision of assembling, guarantees a perfect visual merchandise for the most different retail outlets.

Caem shelves are robust and flexible at the same time. Such combination allows you to change your shop layout as you wish in a very quick and easy way.


Arneg started in 1963 in the field of manufacturing show cases, chilling and refrigerating cabinets at Padua, 50 km from Venice and now is considered one of the leading international companies in manufacturing show cases for supermarkets, cold rooms, shelves and cash counters.

Arneg’s products range can be divided as follow:

1. Arneg Serve Over Refrigerated Counters
2. Arneg Deep Refrigerated Cabinets
3. Arneg Vertical Refrigerated Show Cases
4. Arneg Semi Vertical Refrigerated Cabinets
5 Arneg Refrigerated Islands

For mode details about Arneg’s products range see resource box.

Store-it Direct

Store-it Direct specialises in heavy duty storage systems. Its product range includes warehouse wide span shelving, pallet racking, cantilever racking, archive shelving louvre parts bins or storage boxes. If you are looking for a reliable and robust storage system you won’t be disappointed with Store-it Direct storage systems.


Kleerex is relatively new shop fittings manufacturer. Founded in 1987 the company begun by creating display stands designed to help increase sales.

These days Kleerex produces a wide range of displays units including Magazine racks, Newspaper stands, Shrouds and everything else related to products displays. Besides its range pre-manufactured displays, Kleerex designs and produces display units tailored to its clients needs.

Find out more about Tegometall Shop Fittings, Caem, Arneg Refrigeration, Kleerex, Direct-It Storages at F&G Smart Shop Fittings.

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