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Treating Eczema Skin – Beat the Rash With Natural Cure Methods and Ingredients

Though cortisone creams can offer some relief to eczema sufferers, dermatologists recommend that they shouldn’t be used without some breaks. What are some natural treatments for eczema skin rashes that can be helpful to those with an ongoing skin problem? Dermatitis can appear as red bumps, blisters with fluid, patches in the inner elbow and pimple-like eruptions on the trunk of body. It is not contagious so if you are a parent, your child should be encouraged to play and interact with other kids.

A traditional home remedy for eczema is to use a healthy oil for moisturization. This includes coconut oil, neem oil, olive oil and tea tree oil. Applying a moisturizer twice a day is an important tool to heal skin problems. Aquaphor has also proven to be very helpful in locking in moisture, though some do not like the greasy feel of the ointment. Be especially careful to lock in moisture during the winter months, when you perspire in the heat and if you out in the sun during the summer. Bathing is important to cleanse the skin, but always follow this up with a moisturizer to protect the sensitive skin. Take primrose oil, flax seed oil or borage oil internally for optimum skin health.

Eating yogurt that has ingredients called “active cultures” will give you the probiotics that your body may be missing. These include bifidus and acidopholous. They replenish the bacteria in our body that may be destroyed by antibiotics or poor diets. You can also buy probiotics as a supplement in natural food stores.

Avoid body lotions that have strong fragrances or perfumes. Allergies are as the root for eczema problems but it isn’t always easy to figure out the causes. Use non-allergenic products to protect your skin. Eggs and milk-based products can create allergic reactions for some people which will show as an eczema rash.

Taking steps to use good products on your skin as well as watching what you eat will make a big difference in reducing the eczema rash.

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