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Treating Seborrhea And Seborrheic Dermatitis With Sebacare 100®

Sebacare 100 is a scientifically formulated treatment made in Israel to alleviate seborrhea, also known as seborrheic dermatitis. It is currently the only treatment available for seborrhea that does not involve steroidal usage. Sebacare 100 contains many active ingredients included anti-mycotic activity, anti-inflammatory, keratolytic activity, and skin barrier protection.

Seborrhea occurs when the oil glands begin to overproduce too much sebum. The oil is the perfect breeding location for a form of yeast known as malassezia. This yeast infection on the skin then causes the flaky, red patches on the face due to the high yeast levels. It is not contagious or hazardous to overall health, but it is unpleasant, embarrassing, and can cause a severe dip in self-confidence and self-esteem.

This natural remedy was manufactured to relieve the redness and flaky skin caused by seborrhea. It often occurs along the nose, between eyebrows, as well as fringe of hair located on the forehead. This facial irritation occurs in roughly five percent of the global population. It can occur at any age, but is most common in men and women between thirty and fifty years of age. Seborrhea is likely to occur during stressful periods and in a severe climate change, as well as fatigue and improper skin cleaning.

There are many active ingredients in Sebacare 100 for seborrhea. All ingredients are natural and completely safe to use for any skin type. The ingredients include camellia sinensis, also known as green tea leaf extract, anthemis noblis, also known as chamomile extract, salicylic acid, piroctone olamine, polyamimopropyl biguanide, and melaleuca alternifolia, also known as tea tree oil.

Many individuals do not want to apply chemicals and steroid creams to their face because of the negative side effects associated with certain creams, lotions, and elixirs. Because Sebacare 100 is made from all-natural ingredients, there is no risk of negative side effects. Individuals do not have to be worried about daily usage causing unwanted symptoms associated with topical treatments, such as nausea and headaches.

The ingredients in Sebacare 100 are safe for external use anywhere on the body. It should be kept out of the eyes and other sensitive areas. It is also safe for use on children experiencing seborrhea. It does not contain sodium lauryle sulfate or parabens.

Because of the natural ingredients in Sebacare 100, it can be purchased online without the need of a prescription. It is recommended by the medical professionals to pump two to three drops onto the fingertips and massage into the irritated areas. This should be done twice a day for ten to fourteen days. Often, in the beginning, individuals notice a mild tingling sensation. Results should be noticeable after a week of continual usage.

Sebacare 100 will reduce the symptoms to nothing through constant use. It is not a cure, but it will manage the symptoms so individuals are able to return to their daily life without being self-conscious. Many individuals who use Sebacare 100 find that the product and its all natural ingredients are great for reducing and eventually eliminating seborrheic symptoms.

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Robin D.

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