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Who Is The Hero? Chinese Home Appliance Staged Three “pots” Kingdoms

Recent years, China Home Appliances Encountering “cauldron rise.” August 2006, Supor Group will own 61% of the shares sold to the French company SEB, resulting in sensational “case Supor foreign marriage”; in December 2006, the United States more than ten business groups set up joint

Electric pressure cooker Patent pool, open Business Concerning technological protection entity of the first of its kind; now, Dongguan Lobbe stone groups together the United States to build the world’s largest production base of Adi pot, and strive to become the first brand of Chinese health appliances, set off an uproar in the industry. Chinese home appliance industry, the three “pots” Romance has quietly kicked off.

Supor 2.3 billion in “selling pot”

2006 8 months, be regarded as domestic

Cooking utensils Industry leader of Supor Group and SEB Group signed a strategic France

Investment Framework agreement, which will cost 2.372 billion yuan, 18 yuan per share purchase price of Supor shares up 61%, that is, this will have on the SEB Group’s controlling stake in Supor.

Would seem to have become the target for industry peers. It is reported that many enterprises, especially in second and third line of weakness fear Supor brand with the international giants monopoly of marriage to create a strong group self-insurance for the plan to “destroy

National Brand “” After the first monopoly of blood “and so on the grounds that want to obstruct. However, the company’s resources to complement business, merger integration management is a general trend, after all opposition died down, Supor and France SEB finally tied the knot. Su Nepal to sell themselves, but sell well! economic nationalism aside narrow, its positive side, at home Supor “depending on the emperor to the nobility”, whether financial, technical or brands have been unprecedented strengthen and further consolidate their leadership position; abroad “sugar daddy, hold biggest names in” favor the expansion of overseas markets, both fame and fortune, Supor the “pot” trading well, Now that’s global marketing.

US alliance 15 princes “protecting pot”

2006 12 China Shunde International Home Appliances The opening day, the beauty industry, the inventors of carrying electric pressure cooker

Security Patent “contraband-type structure”, in Shunde Exhibition Center and more from the national pressure cooker appliance manufacturer signed a patent sublicense agreement, state licensed brand music, love, 9 Yang, Sunpentown, the boss in 15 brands. It is learned that the establishment of patent pools, electric pressure cooker industry will bring three benefits: 1, raising the threshold of industrial technology, improve product quality, thereby safeguarding

Consumption The legitimate rights and interests. 2, to promote respect for union members

Intellectual property rights Increase the technical inputs, and promote the products of technological progress. 3, through the Union continues to expand the patent pool and the Union actively safeguarding the rights, restrictions on cheap inferior market spoilers, thereby protecting the health of the industry’s healthy development.

By the princes to the league, the United States not only enhance the influence in the industry, but also make a lot of royalties, more importantly, with the industry’s voice technology patents, both, or marketing communications campaign trail used to take the benefits. Three birds with this stone, also the biggest names in the United States the only way to play out, targeting technology patents,

Law Protection start with, this mode of “Qin Wang Shuwei” is also quite firm.

Dongguan, Le Bang 300 million yuan, “making pot”

2007 12 months, Dongguan Lobbe stone group and the United States, “holding hands” to spend 300 million to build the world’s largest “lobe” Adi pot production base, and strive to become health appliances five years, “the first brand.”

Compared with the domestic home appliance giant, music not really very strong state, it is commendable that it secretly, like Liu Bei as unlatched edge power savings. First, targeting people like soy pot cooking habits, introduced the fried king

Cooker Keep silent to seize a large piece of the North market; then, they aim at the mainstream of South soup health, health and research institutions to develop the special characteristics of the pot boiling, “volcanic health


“, TTP nutrition gold lock, towards a major step forward in health appliances; has accumulated considerable capital and technology after the hopes for the new pan with a revolutionary upgrade alternatives?? Adi pot.

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