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I have had eczema since I was a little adolescent, and have been dealing with it since. Here is what I feel is the real News. Eczema is not cureable, although there are many steps and home remedies you can take to make it show up as if it has been.

The Process:

Your skins sensitivity can very even by latitude on your body and will behave differently to different treatments depending upon what it is sensitive to. No matter what remedies you try, you extremity make headway dilligent with it even after it appears to be gone. This is especially true with seasonal eczema. Test out different remedies to identify which ones work.

The remedies that have worked for me:

Topocal steroids from your dermatologist; worked with limited sucess and never for very stretch.

Vinegar or Terrene Cider Vinegar; works very well to reduce swelling and irritation, however dries the skin out. Reccomend using a very good mosturizing cream in link ( eucerin origanal is my reccomendation )
The notion hear is there are a lot of amino acids that help cure skin, also works well on age or liver spots.

Olive oil; and limited big hit and gets good-hearted of estimable and its kindly of messy, although very cultivated on the skin.

Lemon or lime juice; Corresponding conception here as the vinegar, the bunch of amino acids and the anti inflamitory properties work well when used with a good mosturizer. Body butters can be a good alternative to the eucerin, but its still my recomendation.

Bleach; Beware of using bleach, it can work but very harmful to the skin itself. Not recomended on plenty sensitive areas aka the genitals.

FOR MASSIVE FLARE UPS!!! For chance relief of massive flare ups, but also a good remedy for every day flare ups.
This is not exactly homeopathic but cortizone 1 % and eucerin commencing mosturizer combined 50 / 50 works great.

Again, remember to always stay on top of it, constant application of mosturizers is a duty.

Eczema Free Forever™