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New Testimonial ~ Skincerity on Eczema | Suffering with Eczema?



This week I received this testimonial from a customer of a member of my team. She has been using Skincerity on her daughter and these are the results you see above! Simply amazing.

Nothing prescribed from the doctor worked, until she found our product.

You just can’t beat the feeling when your product helps a child suffering from eczema.

Of course, Skincerity has many other attributes, it doesn’t just help with eczema ;)

Yesterday, I received this update…Image

I mean really, pictures speak louder than words in this case…

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The UK is still untouched with distributors, we have less than 500 (as we only launched in April) and 430 of them are in my team ;)

It is the most exciting business I’ve been a part of, and so rewarding (plus being your own boss has it’s perks).

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Have a great day everyone! 

I am going to continue my quest to spread the word of our magical product x







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