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Aquaint Sanitiser

I have recently had the pleasure of trialing an eco-friendly water-based sanitising product from a brand called Aquaint. It is a 100% natural sanitiser stated to be used for the hands, skin, mouth and more. It contains no harmful chemicals, fragrances or alcohol and kills 99.9% of bacteria, yet its ingredients are so safe you can even ingest it. Water is used as the base for the product to be highly effective as a cleanser and its only other ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid (a harmless natural acid produced by the human body to kill bacteria), provides its antibacterial properties.

The product claims not to cause dermatitis or sting on application due to the harmless ingredients, which we can all agree is a god-send! It is a product created to be allergy friendly so that all skin conditions may benefit from and use it. Aquaint can also be used for all ages, including new born babies to help fight against nasty germs. As well as this you can use it to prepare food, clean the likes of dummies, bottles and toothbrushes, toilet seats… and so on… you can even use it as a mouth wash and to deodorise which would have been great to try out if I was still able to go camping at festivals – may be one to try for that purpose!

500ml spray bottle (RRP £4.99)

50ml hand sanitiser (RRP £2.49)

I was sent a small handy travel sized 50ml version alongside the full 500ml version that comes in a spray bottle and can be used at home. As a shop assistant one of my main concerns is picking up different germs and bacteria from customers and the money they hand over. Working behind the checkouts means I am unable to run off and wash my hands as often as I’d like so hand sanitiser is essential to me. I found the product to be good for this purpose as it sinks into the hands quickly and doesn’t leave a horrible sticky residue like some others do.

When we moved house recently I found the 500ml spray bottle to be really good at cleaning the surfaces, appliances and such and meant I could actually join in with the cleaning as it wouldn’t aggravate my skin. I also used it to clean surfaces with my recent skin infection, which I’d like to think contributed to me getting better, but gave me peace of mind if nothing else.

Aquaint products have also been given the Allergy UK seal of approval as well as numerous Awards and Accreditations so they must be good!

If you want some for yourself their website is: and if you’re in the UK the likes of Boots and Amazon stock it.

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