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Directed evolution applied in the development of Psoriasis medications

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Directed evolution applied in the development of Psoriasis medications
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University Ben-Gurion of researchers of the Negev (BGU), in collaboration with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., have developed a promising drug candidate to treat psoriasis. The discovery was reported in a new paper published in chemistry and biology.

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious disease characterized by covered flaming silver white crusting lesions of dead skin. An autoimmune disease, psoriasis affects at least 4 million Americans. It is caused by disturbances in the natural balance between proinflammatory and signals that inhibit inflammation.

One of the main signals involved in the progression of psoriasis is the protein of the immune system interleukin 17 (IL-17). The research team has developed a method for inhibiting pro-inflammatory signals IL-17 and proved that their engineered receptors, it-17R, is very effective in the reduction of inflammatory signals IL-17 induced in mouse models. Moreover, the injection of the receiver in a model mice with acute human psoriasis eliminated symptoms, mainly to cure this disease.

“Use of directed evolution to improve the properties of IL-17 receptor, we created engineered mutants which could prove it has a viable treatment for patients with severe psoriasis who do not respond to current drugs,” explains Dr. Amir Aharoni, one of the investigators of BGU Department of Sciences of life and the National Institute of biotechnology in the Negev.

“Given that the directed evolution method can be applied to other receptors involved in autoimmune diseases and cancer, I believe that we begin just to drill the potential of this approach,” adds Aharoni.

Directed evolution is an iterative process of Darwinian optimization used in protein engineering whereby the fittest variants are selected from a collection of random mutations. Improved variants are identified and isolated by screening or selection for the property of interest. This approach is particularly advantageous in cases where no knowledge of the mechanism and the structure of the protein is available.

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Visit our eczema / psoriasis section for the latest news on this subject. Other researchers credited ‘Directed Evolution of a receptor Soluble de IL-17 human a for the Inhibition of the Formation of plaques of Psoriasis’ in a Murine model are BGU Dr. Marianna Zaretsky and Teva researchers Dr. Liora Sklair-Tavron, Dr. Joel Kaye, Revital Etzyoni.
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“Directed evolution applied in the development of Psoriasis drugs.

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