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Ear Nose and Throat – See talkhealth in The Guardian

talkhealth recently partnered with Mediaplanet UK on the 2017 Ears, Nose & Throat Campaign in The Guardian newspaper and online.

Our article, titled 5 Remedies for blocked Ears, covered a number of remedies and manoeuvres to alleviate blocked ears such as the Valsalva manoeuvre, Olive & tea tree oil and Antihistamines. The supplement also included motivating insights from thought leaders and covered a wide range of conditions that affect everyone from newborn’s to the elderly. Other articles which featured in the supplement include:

  • Rita Simons on raising a child with hearing loss
  • Ben Fogle has been appointed as Patron of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
  • The link between hearing loss and depression
  • We need to acknowledge the full impact of hay fever
  • “My life started the day I got a hearing dog”
  • ENT research and technology: from newborn’s to the elderly
  • Hearing loss: the costs, the effect on society and how to prevent it

To see the supplement please visit the Mediaplanet dedicated page.

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