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Oatly, Oatly everywhere and now I’m hooked

Have you noticed? Oatly is everywhere. In the newspaper, on advertising hoardings, in the shops, in my fridge and now, now I even have a tshirt! For those of you who are not familiar with Oatly, they make a range of plant milk products from oats including milk, cream, custard etc.

Oatly oat milk advertising hoarding in london

Oatly is the dairy free alternative for savvy baristas

I just love this billboard advertisement: We made this mural instead of an instagram post. Hope a barista goes past and sees it 🙂

Ask for it in your local coffee shot – there is a new barista style oatly coffee (referred to above) which is apparently great for frothing! But do beware – if you are really allergic to dairy the frother may very well be contaminated by cow’s milk.

Even with Nutribrex

With Nutribrex and lots of fruit I am finally braving my old horror, milk on weetabix… yuk! It has always made my fearful of adding milk to Nutribrex but it is nothing like the former horrors. Weetabix was not for me, my body must have known wheat was not my friend. The consistency of milk on weetabix with that sloppy, soggy mess used to be my all time worst breakfast. Nutribrex is a gluten free alternative to Weetabix made from sorhum and it’s yummy and really healthy. I had been enjoying Nutribrex with dairy free yogurt – which also works really well, but now I can have it with Oatly oat milk too, and heaps of fresh fruit of course, which makes it much easier to finish the carton myself.

It is now also my favourite milk to enjoy in coffee. It doesn’t separate and curdle like some plant milks and gives a really lovely colour. I still love my coffee black, but if I have some Oatly in the fridge I’m happy to use this as it doesn’t add too much sweetness to the coffee flavour and goes really well. Try it and see! and I cannot wait to try the barista variety with my frother.

Oatly plant milk - the Post Milk Generation

Oatly plant milk – the Post Milk Generation

If you live in London you may have seen the advertisements, like the one above, seen near Liverpool Street station. My sister also found a pop up kiosk recently where she was given a free tshirt for trying the oatly milk in her coffee. I am now the proud owner of said tshirt. What a lovely sister I have 🙂

Have you tried Oatly? How do you like yours? Anyone tried the frothy milk?


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