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Voting starts tomorrow for the Best FreeFrom Allergy Blog Awards!

Voting opens tomorrow, 1st October so please vote for your favourite Allergy Blog -

Voting opens tomorrow, 1st October so please vote for your favourite Allergy Blog –

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Allergy Blog Of The Year Award category is for the allergy blog that has gone above and beyond and has helped people with their advice and support in regards to allergies.
I've been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2017

This is exactly why I blog. To share things I’ve learned, help others and raise awareness of what it’s like living with with allergies, eczema and asthma.

It can be lonely place but I want to help people see that having life threatening allergies should never stop them doing what they want to do.

It’s constant and never goes away but you CAN embrace challenges and live a healthy and positive life.

You just have to be VERY organised, plan ahead and ALWAYS go prepared.

A bit like an SAS spy, ready for that allergen to get you at every corner, never letting down your guard.

I also like to rant when I see injustice or unkindness shown to anyone with allergies, eczema or asthma. If you know something is wrong or dangerous don’t stand by and let it happen. Fight!

Thank you all those who stand and fight beside me. You know who you are. And thank you to all my readers over the five years I’ve been blogging. It’s been so much fun and I still have so many ideas for blogs so please keep reading…

Voting opens tomorrow, 1st October so please get voting 🙂

Visit to place your vote now!

PS. The copywriter in me really wishes that ‘I’ve just been nominated’ banner said ‘an allergy blog’ not ‘a allergy blog’ but I am trying not to turn into grammar police as well as allergy ranter…

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