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Proper Care For Horse Saddles

Maintaining your horse’s saddle is a top priority. Since saddles are usually made of leather, they require quite a bit of attention to make sure that they last and that you get you money’s worth out of them.

Cleaning your saddle on a monthly basis will help keep maintenance minimal and prevent the hefty job of undoing long term neglect. If you use your saddle on a more regular basis, you may need to tend to it more frequently. Saddles have a long lifespan in general, but if they are not cared for they can rot and deteriorate rapidly. It is also always important to use some sort of leather oil when caring for your saddle once you have cleaned it. This will help to preserve the leather. You can straddle your horse saddle over a fence to scrub it. You may use water and a mild soap to begin cleaning, but do not soak or saturate the leather too deeply. You can use a medium soft brush to scrub the leather, but be careful not to shred or tear it.

If you can dismantle the saddle to clean it, that would be ideal. Dirt and molds can build up in nooks and crannies. These can at the worst make you or your horse ill and at best cause quite a foul odor. It is always a good idea to do a thorough job of cleaning your horse’s saddle, rather than saving time by skipping the detail work. While you are scrubbing the main part of the saddle, soak the detached metal parts that are safe to soak. You will be finishing these later. Do not leave them soaking longer than it takes to clean the rest of the horse saddle. Do not soak any leather! Remember that the horse is in contact with the underside of the saddle, so do not forget to clean this part as well. You will also need to clean all straps and harnesses and any metal pieces that are connected to the saddle core. Be sure these are allowed to dry before the saddle is stored to prevent rusting.

After cleaning the saddle with soap and water, apply a leather protector to the leather of the saddle and oil all of its metallic parts. Spread the oil well over the entire saddle and do not allow it to dry in drips. This will permanently discolor the saddle. Once you have oiled your saddle and thoroughly dried off all of the leather and metallic parts, it is time to reassemble your saddle, Hopefully, you have kept careful track of all the parts that you detached. Do not leave any parts out when putting it back together or the saddle may fall apart or fail during use. It is essential to maintaining the lifespan of your saddle that you give it proper care and attention on a regular basis. Like maintaining your teeth or the the finish on a car, there are both aesthetic and functional purposes for good maintenance on a horse saddle. Rust and rot makes metal and leather brittle, mold and fungus can make you or your horse sick, etc. So take care of your horse and yourself by taking care of your horse saddle.

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Some Top Natural Skin Care Products Contain Chemicals

In today’s modern world, apart from the various top natural skin care products, many other mediocre skincare products are available in the market. The problem is that 74% of all these products contain chemicals and other toxic substances. These toxic substance causes skin ailments like rashes, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

74% of skin care products contain mixture of following substances:
1. Carcinogens which can lead to cancer
2. Mutagens which are the pre-cursor to cancer
3. Teratogens which can cause birth defects
4. Reproductive toxins which can cause male & female infertility
5. Allergenic toxins which can cause allergies
6. Developmental toxins which are harmful to unborn children
7. Skin or Sense organ toxicants which can cause skin diseases and rashes

Most of these products are chemical based and applying of these chemical products to your skin will only worsen the situation. For this reason, we need to use only top natural skin care products. What is so special in these products? They contain right ingredients which could improve skin’s moisture content and firmness, reduce wrinkling and age spots.

Here some useful ingredients to be noted when you look at the label.

Shea Butter
All Top Natural Skin Care produts contain Shea Butter.Because it moisturizes,reduce irritation and relieve inflammation.Shea butter extract from the nuts of shea tree and contains vitamain E,vitamin A and fatty acid

Avocado Oil
Avocado oil is rich in pottasium, protein, Antioxidants like A,D and E, fatty acids. It contains sterolins which is a plant steroids. This sterolins helps to reduce age spot and roughness of the skin caused by dryness or exposure to sun.

Keratin is very special in protein. It helps to retain moisture content and improve the skin. Large amounts of Keratin is found in Cynergy TK. Cynergy TK is major composition of top natural skin care products.

Coenzyme Q10
It is just a vitamin-like substance which also has an antioxidant property. Coenzyme Q10 in skin depletes when exposed to uv rays. It will prevent the damage caused by sun and undo if already occurred.

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How To Care Your Ear

Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis, or atopic eczema (the most common form of eczema). Atopic eczema mainly affects children, but it can continue into adulthood or start later in life. The word eczema comes from the Greek word ekzein meaning “to boil out”; the Greek word ek means “out”, while the Greek word zema means boiling.

Eczema is a chronic skin condition in which the skin becomes itchy, reddened, cracked and dry. Approximately 30% of all skin-related GP visits in Western Europe result in a diagnosis of atopic eczema. It affects both males and females equally, as well as people from different ethnic backgrounds. Most GPs (general practitioners, primary care physicians) in Western Europe, North America and Australia say the number of people diagnosed each year with eczema is has been rising in recent years.

Symptoms of Eczema

The symptoms of eczema are related to the skin, as eczema is a skin condition. Here are some of the eczema skin symptoms that may signify someone is suffering from eczema.

There is a rash
The skin is itchy
It may be dry, red, patchy or cracked
It may weep
The skin may feel rough
There may be lesions which become infected.

Causes of Eczema

There are two types of eczema. Atopic eczema is thought to be a hereditary condition. People with atopic eczema are sensitive to allergens in the environment which are harmless to others. In atopic eczema there is an excessive reaction by the immune system. This type of eczema can worsen after eating certain foods or after being exposed to other allergens such as pollen or dust. Atopic eczema can be a long-term condition. Contact dermatitis is the most common form of the condition and is often the result of an allergic reaction after touching something. This type of eczema can be caused by many irritants including feathers, metals, wool, plants and animal hair, soaps and detergents, bubble bath, cosmetics, fabric dyes, etc. It is important to remember many things can cause eczema.

Home Remedies for Eczema

Coconut oil can be applied to the portions with eczema. It helps the skin to remain soft. This is a good eczema remedy.

A light mudpack applied over the place of eczema is also very beneficial. Good home remedy for eczema.

Sunbathing is also beneficial as it kills the harmful bacteria.

Make a fine paste of 1 tsp camphor and 1-teaspoon sandalwood. Apply this paste on the affected eczema areas. This is very good and simple home remedy for eczema.

Water treatments have also been proved useful in eczema treatment like cold compress or cold wet fomentations. It can be applied twice daily depending on the severity of the problem.

Find powerful herbal remedies Natural Remedies for Eczema

Make a fine paste by adding 1 tbls of turmeric powder and 1 tbls of bitter neem leaves. Apply this paste to the affected areas. This eczema remedy is one of the effective home remedies for eczema.

Soaps, chemicals and other drying agents should be avoided.

Rub nutmeg against a smooth stone with a few drops of water. Make a smooth paste and apply. This is also good and one of the useful home remedies for eczema.

Application of spearmint leaf juice also reduces eczema.

Mash almond leaves in water and apply on the area, it will also help in the eczema treatment.

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