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Wear allergy care Jewelry The popular jewelry market, according to their ingredients, can generally be divided into two categories: one is pure gold with gold or platinum jewelry, the other is in Stainless steel Surface coated with a layer of material called ” Sulfuric acid Nickel “Material composed of ordinary metal jewelry. Dermatologists told reporters, wearing metal jewelry as contact dermatitis caused disease often known as jewelry. This is due to allergies contacts

To contain some of the jewelry in the metal, such as nickel, chromium, lead to allergic reactions. Some people allergic symptoms only manifested in the jewelry and skin contact areas, such as ears, neck, wrists, fingers, etc., and some people had systemic allergic reactions. First, skin irritation, and then beginning a small papules, blisters long and painful body itching. In general, patients with allergic reactions caused by jewelry uses only the outer skin of some drug treatment can cure. However, if inflammation of the skin are stimulated repeatedly, then prone to evil Venereal disease Change may lead to Cancer .

Nickel is a strong sensitization of the material, the silver-white hard metal, one of nickel oxide, nickel hydroxide is insoluble in water, and nickel nitrate, nickel sulfate is soluble in water, the ornaments contain soluble nickel sulfate water. Because people sweat more in summer, sweat in the water can cause a small amount of jewelry nickel sulfate solution surface, skin absorption allergic reaction.

Doctors to remind you that not all jewelry will be susceptible to an allergic reaction. Gold, silver or high-end Jade jewelry Jewelry is usually less likely to cause allergies, and some low-end simulation of decorative jewelry or chemically treated jade ornaments are likely to cause allergic reactions, therefore susceptible should avoid wearing gold, silver, chrome, Nickel And fake jade jewelry such as apt to cause dermatitis.

Not long to wear jewelry Summary

In addition, although Jewelry Beautiful and brilliant, can not wear day and night over many years, or may be Health Harm. Many women used to wear all year round Ring The result is a tight coupling ring finger skin, muscle, bone, into the circular depression deformity, affecting blood circulation, your fingers will become numb, acid swelling, pain, severe or even partial necrosis. Therefore should not be too tight to wear the ring, and activities should always take off your fingers. The girls are not off to sleep Earring Little do they know this is very easy to hook earrings on a metal ring or a hard object stab cheek.

Moreover, the long-term wear jewelry, the surrounding skin is difficult to clean. Particularly in the summer, a large number of human sweat, if you do not pay attention to sanitation, pathogenic microorganisms are likely to multiply in this breed, skin penetration, thus affecting their health.

Experts remind you to wear jewelry should always take off to clean. This will not only maintain the jewelry itself is clean as new, also very useful for the health of the wearer. Need to be reminded that there are many jewelry cleaning taboo Nongbu Hao jewelry itself will cause harm, the best professional cleaning staff invited to carry out maintenance.

“Jewelry disease” self-help approach

Be suffering from dermatitis jewelry how to do? Dermatologist’s advice is, first of all jewelry should be removed, remove the cause; followed the discretion to use 3% boric acid solution wet dressing, oven dry stone lotion applied externally or Fuqing Song, Yi Luosong other steroid steroid cream applied externally, while also under the guidance of a doctor taking cetirizine hydrochloride, Astemizole, a new music and other anti-sensitivity Organization Amine drugs.

But experts also advise, “Jewelry disease” although there evolved, but not a universal phenomenon, as long as the note on the line, do not cause panic, but no need to refuse to wear jewelry, because the market for sale of gold and silver jewelry After testing most of the relevant state departments, will not cause any harm to human health. As long as the time to buy is to big Shopping Or about the credibility of the shops and stores to buy will not go wrong. In addition, the wearing of jewelry not take too long, the best off to sleep at night. Have to keep jewelry clean is also important, do not sweat residue and other dirt. Comment Large In Small

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