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Hidden Reasons For Eczema Problems That Might Be Right In Your Home

Eczema can have such a variety of reasons and many aren’t easy to detect as we are dealing with so many factors each and every day. Flare-ups cannot always be traced to their source. This is because we don’t always get a reaction immediately. Certain chemicals or foods may effect our skin within a few hours, others may manifest a day later. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on the list of things that can cause such flare-ups. That isn’t easy to do since foods such as strawberries or various nuts that may have caused no problems in the past may at present create skin rashes.

It is extremely important to be very careful about trying new products. Sensitive skin can cause some major issues with testing new products. When buying a new product it is best to a sample of it on a small piece of skin before completely using it. It will be much better to have a small patch of skin on your arm irritated than your entire face. Keep a list of items that you know you have no problem using. Some people cannot tolerate alcohol or lanolin. As you are more familiar with your skin, you will be able to find products that work best for personal care.

Topical skin products are not the only thing that can cause breakouts. Food is probably the toughest cause to pin down. Any food may cause the outbreak. It is very important to make a list of the foods eaten at the time surrounding the outbreak. Eggs, nuts and dairy are common, but various fruits may bother some. Restaurant food often has derivatives of milk, nut products and wheat in their sauces. Are you aware of the ingredients in your favorite dishes?

There are many causes of allergens; some of the most common ones are dust and pet dander. Wear long sleeves and pants while cleaning making it extremely difficult for the dust to come in contact with your skin. Be careful of being in houses with pets. If you are at a friend’s house you may need to change plans and head to a movie or a diner. Sadly, some people cannot attend holiday gatherings due to their sensitivity.

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Changing Your Habits To Improve Eczema Problems

You can feel at times in dealing with eczema that you are not sure what makes the irritation worse or better. Some people take months or even years to identify their trigger factors, and when they do, they find they have less frequent redness and patches. Eczema sufferers need to take care of their skin all the time. Constant watchfulness and attention is important.

When it comes to skin care, you need to make sure that both your skin and your body are well taken care of. Don’t discount the effect that clothing has on your skin. Wearing cotton is the least irritating. Some people cannot tolerate wool or scratchy materials. Also covering the skin to prevent scratching it can be helpful. For instance, wearing pants instead of shorts can be a way you’ll be less tempted to scratch eczema on the thighs. Again, this is important to minimize the chances of open wounds, scars, and other possible skin infections. Nylon stockings can trap moisture. Some people cannot tolerate fabrics aside from cotton.

Secondly, identify and protect your body from unnatural elements or products. Be vigilant on your perfume, makeup or even the laundry detergent you are using. One of them might be the trigger factor of your eczema. Start your own trial and error approach by keeping a log. This way, you will be able to identify things you need to do or avoid. Be careful about any new products brought into the house with fragrances or potential allergens.

Do not forget to moisturize your skin. This is probably the most important thing that has to be done on a daily basis. Dry skin causes eczema to break out. Moisturizing the skin seems too easy, many eczema suffers still overlook it. The best time to moisturize is immediately after taking a shower or bath. This is a simple but effective solution and your skin will thank you for doing that. Use something that is designed for skin that is sensitive that does not have drying agents in it.

We already know that having a healthy diet is the helpful for skin care. Unfortunately, the idea of changing a person’s diet may not be the best solution for everyone. If you want to cure eczema and certain foods cause the outbreak, there’s nothing left to do but to accept that you can no longer indulge in them anymore. Some people cannot eat dairy or nuts. Eating these foods results in skin patches that itch. It takes discipline, but there are many substitutes now on to help satisfy certain food cravings that are tasty.

If you are unsure what particular foods that are safe or not, you may have to seek assistance from a registered dietitian or see an allergist. You may be given a series of patch tests to help determine the substances your body cannot tolerate. Some people cannot be around pet hair without the skin reacting negatively. A close study of yourself and daily habits helps to eliminate factors that worsen the skin.

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Managing Your Life With Skin Problems From Dermatitis

Eczema is one skin condition that can be very difficult to figure out and master. Given this fact you will most likely try several treatments some which will work and some which will not. It is trial and error so don’t give up. It is important to keep track of the treatments that seem to be working both to reduce redness as well as for itching purposes. Try to test just one or two variables at a time to measure this.


The first thing on anyone’s mind with dermatitis is how to minimize or eliminate itching. The secret here involves moisturizing. Dry skin can be a huge trigger for eczema flare-ups. It is best if you apply thick non-scented lotion for sensitive skin directly after showering. This helps lock in the moisture and prevent scaling and peeling. Don’t just do this once a day but continue applying the lotion throughout the day. When your skin is hydrated, the inclination to scratch it is reduced.


A great option for someone who needs immediate relief is taking an antihistamine. These antihistamines will help make the allergic reaction your skin is having less intense and give you the ability to sleep without discomfort. People have found antihistamines helpful for red ant bites and very intense itching scenarios. Do not use a night version of an antihistamine during the day as that will impeded your ability to concentrate at school or work efficiently at the office.


Some moisturizers that people find helpful include aquaphor, vaseline, coconut oils and products containing aloe vera as well as tea tree oil. Check for any allergies and be sure to read labels for additives you have problems with such as nuts or dairy ingredients. Your dermatologist may ask you to use a steroid cream topically twice a day as well to help skin irritations and bumps.


Study both your environment and your diet closely. There may be hidden factors at play that are making your skin aggravated. Call cousins you may have lost touch with to see if they have had similar skin issues. Sometimes there is a genetic thread that can be uncovered and you can share their discoveries. Do not give up or feel it is hopeless. As you identify triggers you will heal the skin and be less troubled by this condition. Do not feel you have to stay at home as your condition is not contagious. Explain to people at work or school the situation so there are not any unnecessary social pressures or moments of awkwardness.

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How Chronic Are Chronic Health Problems?

It seems ambiguous to ask, “How chronic are chronic health problems?” Obviously, chronic means long lasting, reoccurring, perhaps even devastating to the individual who has this type disease or illness. Usually, the results of these illnesses are debilitating to say the least.

So what do we mean by asking the question, “How chronic are chronic health problems?” Of course the illnesses and diseases are real, and most often they are life threatening. The reason we ask such a question is because nearly all the long-lasting health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels didn’t have to take place in your body.

These chronic health problems are in most cases self inflicted. You have eaten your way into the problem. America is overweight-even our young people! Instead of trying to avoid health problems with proper diet and exercise, you generally continue down the road toward some major health problems.

A diet consisting of all natural and organic foods along with dietary supplements and minerals can nearly assure that you will not be plagued by a chronic health problem. And in some cases the problems you’ve developed can be reversed by starting an all natural diet along with a good exercise program. Before you begin any diet or exercise program, you need to consult your physician to be sure your body can physically participate in either.

Most generally speaking, an all natural diet along with herbs, natural supplements and minerals can be used by everyone without side effects. Obviously there are some physical and mental conditions that limit your use of these all natural products, but most of the population can use them. Again, you need to consult your physician.

When your physician gives you the go ahead, you can find all natural health products online or maybe there is an all natural health store near your home. One word of caution might be: always check the labels on the packages and bottles. Some advertised “All Natural Health Products” only have the name of being all natural. You need to be sure you are taking the kinds of health products that are indeed all natural.

It’s important to you especially if you have a chronic health problem. Your goal for taking these all natural products and eating an all natural diet is to begin the process of reversing your long lasting health disease(s).

So by asking the question, “How chronic are your chronic health problems?” we’re actually saying, they don’t have to be chronic at all. By eating correctly and exercise properly, you may never contract them. If you have been diagnosed with one or more, there’s a good chance you can reverse the debilitating process.

Can eating the all natural way really keep you healthy? Find out at my blog site: At this site Deborah and I will have information you need to live and be healthy. Also, get your free report while there! In the free report, we tell how to remove blockages, increase microvascular elasticity, improve circulation and strengthen blood vessels to prevent heart disease. Diet is the first step and recommended products from the report are helpful to accomplish these goals. Sign up for our first ever, world-wide Webb scavenger hunt.

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What Are The Common Types Of Dermatitis Skin Problems?

The term dermatitis includes a number of different types of skin problems, but there’s one thing in common about all of them. Dermatitis causes inflammation of the skin. It normally makes the skin red, swollen, itchy and it can cause skin lesions in some people. Although dermatitis is not a terminal disease, nor is it usually incapacitating, some types can cause severe distress in social and work situations because of the way it changes your appearance.

The goal of this article is to answer the most common questions about different types of dermatitis.

What does dermatitis look like? Some people say it resembles a very bad sunburn. Others describe it as looking like you scalded yourself with hot water. Blisters are typical with some types of dermatitis, and so are liquid secretions on the skin’s surface. Some individuals actually make dermatitis look worse by scratching their skin frequently.

What causes dermatitis? There are a number of different causes for dermatitis. Allergies and genetics are among the most common. Among the other frequent causes of dermatitis are environmental pollutants and irritants. Some types of dermatitis may also be triggered by stress – both physical and emotional. Causes, as you might expect, are different for different types of the disease.

Can dermatitis be contagious? Dermatitis is not contagious and cannot be spread to other people.

What different types of dermatitis are there?

Atopic dermatitis This is a chronic, itchy rash that will come and go and it’s often referred to as eczema.
Eczema sometimes runs in families, with severe cases appearing in children. Often, it improves as the child grows older. Most doctors believe stress cannot cause eczema, but it seems stress can aggravate the condition. The exact cause of atopic dermatitis remains unclear. A problem with the immune system may be a factor, and you are also more likely to get eczema if you are genetically predisposed to dry, irritable skin.

Eczema is typically treated with lotions containing hydrocortisone that are applied to the skin.

Contact or allergic dermatitis This type of dermatitis occurs when a irritant literally “makes contact” with your skin and causes a rash.

Seborrheic dermatitis The most prominent symptom of this type of dermatitis is a red rash combined with yellowish, oily-looking scales on the scalp. This kind of dermatitis is known as cradle cap when it happens to an infant. Adults who have Parkinson’s appear to be at higher risk for seborrheic dermatitis, as are those under a great deal of physical stress. Individuals with oily hair are also more prone to have this type of dermatitis.

The best treatment for seborrheic dermatitis is usually a shampoo that contains tar, pyrithione zinc, salicylic acid or ketoconazole as the active ingredient. Other treatment options include hydrocortisone creams and lotions.

Perioral dermatitis This kind of dermatitis, which typically causes a rash near the mouth, is probably a type rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis or adult acne. Certain moisturizers, makeup and topical corticosteroids may make this condition worse, so don’t try to self-treat it – talk to your doctor about ways to get relief.

Perioral dermatitis sometimes takes a long while to heal, but it generally goes away when you take the oral antibiotic tetracycline. It may be necessary for you to continue treatment for several months to prevent a recurrence.

Neurodermatitis Psoriasis, eczema and dry skin are often associated with this type of dermatitis. This kind of dermatitis typically features an itching sensation in a specific part of the body, especially the neck, wrists, ankles or arms. Wet compresses may help, and doctors often recommend hydrocortisone lotions and creams. In some cases, anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants may be appropriate. Most important, you must avoid scratching the affected area of the skin. It will make the condition much worse.

Stasis dermatitis When there’s an accumulation of fluid under the skin for some reason, stasis dermatitis often results. Because of this fluid accumulation, the skin can’t get the nourishment it needs. Generally speaking, this type of dermatitis appears in the legs. The first step in treatment is to diagnose the cause of the fluid build up and correct it. Elastic support hose may be one answer, but sometimes surgery is necessary. Sometimes, you can get relief by applying wet dressings, which not only soften fragile, thickened skin but help prevent infection.

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How to survive the holiday season without too many gut problems

The holiday season means many different things to different people, it is supposed to be a period of joy but often it really doesn’t live up to all those expectations that we often have. The media portray images of idealistic families around the Christmas tree having all their dreams come true. For some people the reality is somewhat different, Christmas can be a traumatic time and managing with all the family can be challenging, but it can also be a time when some people are alone too. Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through the period and avoid your gut spoiling the fun.

1. Tis the season to be jolly – really? You have my permission to be a Grinch too if you wish. You should not be expected to see people and be jolly, especially people who you never get along with during the rest of the year. If you don’t get on with someone then Christmas is not a time that somehow the ‘magic’ will make a difference, and likely if your inhibitions are lowered with the odd glass of Advocaat (add your choice of tipple here!) it will not end well! Suggest that you have other plans this year, make your apologies for not seeing them if you wish.

2. Scenes on TV cookery shows promote the domestic goddess, but don’t forget all those well choreographed scenes take time and lots of other people to help, likely months of planning too. Not so much of a goddess then! So don’t try to live up to this myth of being able to manage it all, you will only end up frazzled and this will likely make symptoms worse. You could have a Jacobs join – were everyone brings a different part of the dish. Or you could ask people to bring dishes from around the world, and think of others or you could go out to eat on Christmas day. Consider inviting someone who might be on their own on Christmas day. It really doesn’t have to be a traditional day – make new traditions!

Click on here to see what Nigella really thinks

Click on the image to see what Nigella really thinks.

3. Ensure you eat regularly on Christmas day – leaving hours between meals will not help, plan to have a light breakfast before your Christmas lunch – this doesn’t mean grazing all day either. Manage your portion sizes – use a smaller plate if you like your plate full and you will be just as satisfied and not over full and unable to move!

4. Don’t slouch on the sofa eating snacks whilst watching those Christmas movies, let gravity help you gut and try to sit up when eating – or don’t snack, you will eat more than you realise if you are not being mindful about what you are eating. Alternatively plan how much you are going to eat and put it in a bowl so you know when you have had enough. Your body will thank you for it.

Seriously – not a good idea!!

5. Include some light activity mid afternoon if you are able – a gentle walk in the park perhaps or some games to get you moving around.

6. Family dynamics can be a rich source of conflict during the season, this can lead to arguments in the period leading up to Christmas and especially on the day itself. Arguments at mealtimes are really not advisable, this will do nothing to help your digestion. Stress causes your body to produce adrenaline, the fight or flight hormone, this is a response to conflict or dangerous situations, originally utilised so you can escape from predators. Your body is therefore NOT concentrating on digesting lunch. In the distant past a dose of indigestion was a very small price to pay to avoiding being eaten. So you might need to be assertive and lay down some ground rules for everyone to follow so that the meal can be as calm as possible.

7. Budget as much as you can. Planning is the key here and Christmas is for thinking of others, but not at the expense of experiencing anxiety at not being able to live up to their expectations. Again tell people in advance what you are planning, say that you are only going to be able to afford to do certain things – you may find that people are relieved that they don’t have to meet these expectations either.

8. Stick rigidly to your Low Fodmap foods (or other tolerated foods) before the day, so if you eat something that you react to, you possibly won’t have as severe symptoms as you would have with eating as you please for the full season.

9. Drink plenty of fluids through the day – a least six to eight cups of non carbonated drinks and if you do drink alcohol, match every alcoholic drink with a non alcoholic one – this will mean you drink less and stay hydrated at the same time. Drinking whilst eating slows the absorption of alcohol into the body. Stay within the healthy drinking guidelines (no more than 2-3 units per day) and watch mixers for fodmaps and fizz. Make a glass of water the final drink before going to bed to counteract the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Remember alcohol is a gut stimulant and hangovers won’t help your IBS symptoms although some people can tolerate small amounts. Try not to over indulge – intoxication can remove your resolve and you might be tempted to have more than you planned. Check out Drink Aware for details of how much alcohol is in your favourite tipple.

The true toll of Christmas tipple how excess plays havoc with mind and body

10. The best tip is – remember to enjoy yourself – it is not money that makes the difference but being in the presence of friends, family and company on the day – spending time with others.


Happy Holiday!

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Problems with weeping: my current go to

So one of my most viewed posts is about weeping and it’s been ages since I’ve commented!! I remember when I was at uni and the only thing I had was talcum powder!  Since then I’ve found that using products which draw out the liquid work well. I’ve always thought my weeping eczema has been … Continue reading
My Eczema Tales

Get Relief From Your Skin Problems With Eczema Cream

If you are one among the millions suffering from eczema, you will benefit by using eczema cream and get much needed relief. This common skin ailment which causes itching and flaky skin rashes can be really troublesome. Many creams and steroids fail to give any relief. Now, there is a proven cream to ease and lessen your distress to a great extent. This cream can be bought online.

What Is Eczema

Eczema, in many cases an inherited skin condition, can be triggered by several factors such as food, soap, chemicals, allergic reactions, stress, infections, water, wool and many other factors.

The severity of the skin condition can range from dry itchy skin to open and bleeding sores. It is known to be caused by some lipid deficiencies in the skin and due to allergies and heredity factors. Some of the causes are yet unknown.

The goal of eczema treatment is to decrease and prevent the itching, inflammation and worsening of the condition. It involves both lifestyle changes and use of medications and creams.

Majority of children suffering from eczema outgrow the disease, although there is no guarantee. There are however, ways to minimize the flare ups and eczema creams are a very effective skin care treatment if you or your child suffer from the ailment.

Benefits Of Using Eczema Cream

The cream has been made by a group of proficient pharmacists and physicians and has natural ingredients with a combination of properties of a special base. The advantage of this cream is that it does not contain any steroids.

You can use it for a small or large area of eczema infection effectively. A prescription is not needed when you buy it. Made of a non greasy formula, it is not reported to have any side effects.

The cream does not cause adverse reactions from other diseases and drugs and can be used by infants as well as individuals of all age groups. It is a hypoallergenic and fragrance free cream which intensely moisturizes dry skin.


The eczema cream is made of a combination of special natural and traditional ingredients, including MSM, which is present in green plants such as certain species of algae, fruits and vegetables, grains and milk. MSM is a very safe ingredient which does not cause any allergic reactions and it is a source of sulfur for cysteine and methionine production. Both these ingredients help in the treatment of eczema and heal it.

Other ingredients in the cream are Omega-3 fatty acids which help protect cell membranes from viruses and bacteria, Vitamin E which has antioxidant properties and protects your skin from free radical damage. There are emollients which can prevent dryness and stops moisture evaporation from the skin. Hydrating agents help protect the skin and relieve it from the extreme dryness caused due to eczema.

Eczema cream can be ordered safely and easily online with a money back guarantee, in case you are not happy using the cream for some reason. It has been recommended by many who have used it with satisfactory results. The customers who have used the cream find it far more effective and with no side effects as compared to many steroid based creams. If you are suffering from eczema, try the cream and get relief from the ailment. is the website where eczema cream can be bought, which is recommended for treatment of eczema. It is a skin care cream specially formulated from natural ingredients for treating this ailment and guarantees remarkable results.