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4 Kinds Of Cream To Consider For The Treatment Of Eczema

Eczema is a chronic disorder in which the skin can become dry, inflamed, scratchy and irritated. This disease is due to an over exposure to a strong irritant such as detergents or any allergic compounds. Overactive immune systems as well as the heredity are also the factors known for the skin disorder. It’s critical that every person use caution when choosing a lotion for eczema because the disease affects each person differently. A mild moisturizer is important. Some moisturizers can be strong and contain irritating ingredients. A strong moisturizer may cause a case of eczema to become worse. Itching and irritation are the general symptoms of eczema and it largely occur in face, neck, ankles, chest, elbow bends and at the back of the knees.

A great approach to lessen eczema is to pick a cream that doesn’t trigger an outbreak. And also it is crucial to don’t forget that typically the ingredients in the moisturizer do not pass through the skin, it should only be applied on the affected areas in the body. The skin of eczema sufferers will become scaly and dry because of a loss of moisture. This can increase the chance of a bacterial infection Thus choosing the best lotion for eczema, helps the skin to retain its moisture. Remember that there are few ingredients that should not used be in the moisturizer such as alcohol which has a drying property in it.

Even flowers, spices and essences of citrus fruits aren’t well suited for an eczema moisturizer. Because of the drying property, they may cause a rash on the sensitive skin. One should choose a lotion which does not irritate the skin when applied on it. The best lotion should be very mild with a less fragrance. Another important thing that you should note in the lotion is the proportion of the lipid oil. If the amount of this oil is high it can give good moisturizing effects. The chronic condition of the skin could be prevented from getting worse by keeping your skin hydrated with a good moisturizer. The following are a few lotions that work well for eczema:

1. Corticosteroids Creams – the hydrocortisone that is contained in these cream helps the skin to maintain its moisture and helps prevent it from getting worse. While these creams work very well, they may cause severe side effects so they should not be used for an extended period.

2. Use ointment based moisturizers which contain eighty percent of oil and make an attempt to prevent lotions containing parabens, fragrances, alcohol and irritant ingredients. The ointments generally ease you from itching and do not hurt the skin.

3. Oatmeal products – Lotions and moisturizers with oatmeal are known to provide good benefits to eczema sufferers. Just pour two cups of oatmeal in your bathtub and take an oatmeal bath on a regular basis which is able to soothe your skin from unpleasant itching.

4. Vitamin E cream also calms the skin and is quite beneficial for the people struggling from eczema.


BONUS TIP: Natural oils, such as coconut oil or olive oil work as good moisturizers for the skin.

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