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Cure Eczema In Three Weeks Naturally

Eczema – A broad term encompassing acute and chronic superficial inflammatory conditions often associated with pruritus or burning. You no longer have to suffer from this skin condition, it’s time to get control of your eczema! You can eliminate your eczema symptoms for good using these powerful Eczema Natural Remedies.

1. You can also try this home remedies for eczema. Prepare fresh fruit or vegetable juice and apply it over the eczema affected area. Fruits or vegetables that are used for this purpose are carrot, orange, grapes and spinach.

2. Pear juice is one of the eczema home remedies that help when applied directly to the rash. If the skin affected is red or very itchy you’ll want to put something directly on it to bring fast relief. Pear juice is ideal for that. Just purchase the juice at the grocery store and then using a soft cloth or cotton ball, apply it liberally right to the eczema. This will help calm down the symptoms very quickly.

3. Strawberry paste is also used for treating eczema. Prepare a paste of 3-4 strawberries and apply it to the affected area, cover the paste with a thick band-aid or clean cotton cloth (take a perforated cotton cloth). Apply this paste 3-4 times a day for 1-2 weeks.

4. Wear loose clothing when you are suffering from an outbreak of eczema. Tight clothing can rub against and irritate the skin, causing it to itch. Any time you begin to feel stress coming on you can take a moment and do this breathing exercise. For meditation find a quite space. You can sit on a chair or for those with conditioning you can sit on the floor in a lotus position. Close your eyes and begin focusing on your breath. As your mind wonders off, gently bring it back to focusing on the breath. Breathing deeply and learning to focus only on your own breathing will bring a great deal of relaxation. In time you will grow to look forward to each meditation session as it will not only aid in fewer outbreaks of eczema, but will help improve many aspects of your general health.

5. Apply an anti-itching cream to any areas in which the itching is unbearable and you are finding it difficult to avoid scratching.

6. Always keep your doctor informed of any developments with your condition and also if you plan to start bleach therapy. The following are vitamins known to be helpful with skin health. Don`t just supplement, try including more foods high in these vitamins and minerals along with supplementing. Vitamin A:15 milligrams, Vitamin C: Take 500 milligrams 3 times a day for a total of 1500 milligrams a day, Vitamin E: 700 International Units a day, Zinc: 15 milligrams a day for women and 20 milligrams a day for men.

7. Be gentle when you dry your skin after bathing so that you can prevent friction that breaks the skin

8. Another effective natural remedy for eczema is the mud pack. A light mud pack applied over the affected area is also helpful. The pack should be allowed to remain for one hour at a time, it could be repeated twice or thrice in a day. A mud pack over the whole body dried in the sun and later washed with cold water could be doubly helpful.


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