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Eczema And Infants: An Itchy Problem

Eczema is a dermatological disorder, which means it affects the skin. It can cause redness, inflammation, red blotches plus general irritation and often creates a massive urge to scratch the afflicted area. Eczema in infants is quite common; doctors have identified children as being prone to the condition of atopic dermatitis. The condition can flare up as a result of environmental conditions such as heat and humidity, allergic reactions are also a factor in dermatits appearing.

The most commonly affected areas of the body are the elbows, inner folds of joints and behind the knee. The symptoms can vary from being slight; to the extent that they are barely noticeable, to more severe, with massive patches of affected skin. Eczema can be very painful; fortunately there are a number of ways in which it can be treated. This article will discuss both the natural and conventional treatment methods which have been proven to be effective.

A quick internet search will provide a number of home remedies which claim to be effective in the treatment of dermatitis. The common themes however are good diet, exposure to sunlight and the use of creams containing natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Chamomile. Eczema is considered by some to be caused by the body’s immune system’s over reaction to a bacteria found on the skin. Exposure to sunlight can help with this for some, though others find it too drying.

Some say that sunlight helps because it helps the body produce certain vitamins that can combat the skin irritation. It is important to remember to use sunlight in proportion. You should not expose yourself to the sun between 11am – 2pm, as the sunlight will be at its strongest and you may run the risk of being burnt. You should use sunscreen when out in the sun, generally one hour is long enough for your body to start to produce the vitamins you need. Moisturizing is very important for dermatitis, whether you are in the sun or not. Moisturizing with a lotion that doesn’t contain alcohol has been helpful for improvements. Omega 3 oils are another natural remedy for skin repair.

The most common medical treatments for infant eczema are hydrocortisone creams and stronger steroid creams. Steroid cream may be required for more severe symptoms and is known to provide fast acting relief. You should always consult a physician before treating any dermatitis in infants at home. Oral steroids are not generally given to very young children, though they may be prescribed for adults.

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