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Eczema Herbal Treatment

Eczema is one of the most common medical conditions related to the skin. Nowadays, more and more cases of eczema are surfacing up. A major aspect of this condition is that there is still no clinically proved cure for this condition. You may however, ease the symptoms, with the help of a number of solutions, which are available in the market.

You may opt for a number of natural and herbal remedies as well, for treatment of this condition. The following are some of the herbal remedies, which you may try, in such a condition:

1. A very important herbal remedy is that of blueberry leaves. Blueberry leaves can be ground in the form of a thick paste, and the juice extracted from it can be used for washing the affected area. You may also use the paste as well. Make sure that you have washed them properly, before you use them.

2. A very common herbal remedy consists of a mixture of comfrey root, slippery elm bark and white bark. For this, you have to mix a teaspoon of white bark, two teaspoonful of slippery elm bark, one and half teaspoons of comfrey root, along with three cups of water in a bowl. Now, boil this mixture for around half an hour. Cool it and use this mixture for washing the affected skin.

3. Another s is simple home remedy for eczema uses Marigold, as well as chamomile. Now, these herbs can be either taken orally, several times a day or used up for washing the affected area, for providing relief. Along with that, the oil of chamomile, mixed with almond oil can be rubbed in the skin for healing the area affected with eczema.

4. Birch leaves have also been said to be an effective way of treatment of eczema. Mix 75gm of birch leaves with one liter of water and boil for around three minutes. Now, add a pinch of soda bicarbonate to it and allow it to cool for a number of hours before you employ it as a useful disinfectant for washing the affected areas, or, it might be used up as a remedial drink. This would help in curing of eczema.

5. Another effective herbal remedy in case of eczema is Watercress. The juice extracted from watercress may be used for washing the affected areas. It might be extracted fresh, or by boiling it in water.

As it is, the above herbal remedies can prove to be extremely helpful in treating the condition of eczema.

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