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Eczema – Remember to Keep Your Eczema Diary

So here you are and your doctor has told you that you have eczema. Initially, you may find that it’s quite difficult to come to terms with it but don’t give up; so many have had eczema in the past that there is lots of help out there and the treatment these days is very effective.

When your doctor tells you that you have eczema he’ll probably also let you know what sort of eczema you have – there are different forms. He’ll probably also give you an idea of the level of severity of eczema you have and will prescribe appropriate medications and tell you how things will develop. Normally, your doctor will want to understand your medical history to date so as to avoid prescribing anything that might set off an adverse reaction.

The main features of eczema are itchiness, inflammation, possible infection, and scaly lesions and the medication will be aimed at, at least, reducing the impact and frequency of these. It is unlikley that one type of medication alone will sort out your problem and it is quite normal for the doctor to prescribe more that one medication to deal with the different features.

Don’t be concerned if your eczema isn’t dealt with within a short period, there are no wonder cures; just let the medication do its job – the more severe the symptoms the longer it’s likely to take.

Another well known aspect of eczema is that it may be caused by something(s) in your life style that’s causing your body to have allergic reactions. You may have to keep a diary of when things get really bad and try to identify if there is something that repeatedly brings on bouts of inflammation. At one level it might be that a particular soap or other cosmetic is causing the problem or perhaps an item of clothing or even someone’s pet; it can even be something in the workplace that’s causing it. Your eczema diary will be very helpful in identifying the triggers for you to avoid.

The form of treatment you’ll require will depend upon several matters. This naturally may include the form of eczema, your medical background and what you prefer. There are three basic types of treatment; topical medications such as lotions and creams, oral/systemic medications and phototherapy light therapy.

Of late the handling of eczema has moved a long way ahead of where it was and there is now much greater choice for the individual and doctor alike. There seems to be a growing range of over-the-counter, useful treatments for most forms of eczema and generally the disorder can be controlled very well. All the same, it’s worth restating that eczema is a disorder that takes its time to be dealt with effectively. The treatment of eczema may sometimes be lengthy and if you don’t feel that you’re making progress, you should refer to your doctor to make certain that you’re using what is right for you . It is also worth remembering that stress has been proven to be a factor in eczema and so you should be careful to avoid such situations.

Your eczema diary will give you and your doctor great help in finding out what’s causing the problem with diet, clean surroundings and a stress free life style being the things that you should aim for – your eczema can be cured with care and attention and usually with only a small course of treatment – you’ll soon be living an inflammation free life with just some simple precautions.

Ken Lewis, a former CEO of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, has practised as an alternative therapist since 1991 during which time he has helped many with a wide range of problems. He particularly focuses on the endorsement of methods proven to be effective in alleviating both physical and psychological issues. For further effective help in curing your eczema, go to

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