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Facial Eczema Treatment

Eczema of the skin may as well be related to seborrheic dermatitis. The facial eczema normally has spots of yellow-colored scales. It may appear on the random places of the skin or all over the skin. Facial eczema can frequently be cared for with nonprescription cures, but mind you that prescription medicine might be required in serious events. 

You can select from any of the two treatment options below for your eczema problem.

1. You can use medicated shampoo for eczema condition. Skin diseases can be cured with nonprescription shampoo. The shampoo should have one or more of the following contents: pitch, salicylic acid, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione and ketoconazole. 

You have to be using the medicated shampoo daily till you see the symptoms looking better and in a week time you will need to use it twice to put the symptoms away. If nonprescription medicated shampoo does not help, talk to a physician about alternate methods.

2. The second option is the use of medicated ointments. Nonprescription cortisone ointments and anti-fungal ointments may assist to tackle eczema symptoms. A physician can prescribe steroid ointments that can be utilized immediately to the skin. 

These steroid ointments can relieve scratching. The ointments should also be used at least once a day. Severe scaling may be handled with a prescription creams containing salicylic acid and coconut oil; this creams work better when it is left overnight.

Furthermore, you can use more medicated options for eczema problems. Meet a physician who will prescribe an oral medication referred to as Lamisil. It is used to cure skin eczema. He may also refer you to use medications like Protopic and Elidel. 

These Protopic and Elidel are medications that may save you from inflammation and also cure mycosis. These medications should be used only after other methods you tried didn’t work and you have to use them temporarily.

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