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Foods to Avoid When Having Eczema

Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis, a chronic inflammatory condition which causes dry patches, rashes apart from possible flaky areas on the skin. This illness may affect a person at any time, even though its symptoms prevail most upon children and infants, as research alleges. Eczema can coexist with various conditions, like asthma, hay fever or allergies.

Ensure to observe proper care of the skin, avoid allergens and use topical ointments in order to alleviate this condition. As well, take a diet which is nutritious and that has limited portions of certain food types. Saturated fat refers to some kind found mainly in foods derived from animals, which when consumed excessively increase risk of experiencing heart disease and cholesterol complications. This form of fat may as well exacerbate or trigger inflammation linked with eczema, as studies reveal.

Foods with high saturated fat content include bacon organ meats, hot dogs, sausage, top sirloin steak, porterhouse, deep-fried foods, poultry fat and butter. This list extends to egg yolks, whole milk and its products that include sour cream, high-fat cheeses, ice cream and milk chocolate. Steer clear of taking fried meats that often act as dual saturated fat sources and trim away any visible fat from your steak and like meats in order to optimize on returns.

Whether high or low in fat, dairy products could as well facilitate in acquisition of eczema. A June 2010 European Respiratory Journal reports that cut-backs of cheeses and milk could help alleviate the symptoms of this disease. If allergic to milk of cows or lactose intolerant, you might hold a higher risk proportion for coming down with skin complications plus other symptoms. Dairy products occasion diverse effects on people and comprise essential vitamin D and calcium sources. As such consult your physician prior to eliminating these products from your nutrition.  

Sources of refined carbohydrates like added sugars and white flour contribute fewer nutritional gains than complex carbohydrates that include whole grains. Refined carbohydrates such as high-glycemic foods could damage your energy and blood sugar levels. Again, if consumed excessively, they leave minor room only for foods rich in nutrients, which are needed for strong functioning of immune system.

Sweets and breads which are refined may also worsen body inflammation, thereby occasioning increased symptoms of eczema, scientists have found. Sources of refined carbohydrates which are quite common include enriched wheat and white breads, bagels, pasta, flour tortillas, sweetened cereals, instant rice and soft drinks. Other foods within the list are pancake syrup, jelly, frosting, jam, pastries, cakes and cookies prepared commercially.

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