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Hope For Eczema Patients With Two Common Eczema Natural Remedies

More and more people suffering from eczema are growing weary of the countless eczema creams and medicines that pile up on the shelves of their local pharmacies. Most of them have either tried almost everything and did not see any improvement in their eczema symptoms, or have grown tired of testing which works for them. On the other hand, there are also those who might have experienced the worsening of their symptoms after applying creams on their itching bumps. Whatever the reason may be as to why they have given up on OTC eczema creams and other medical treatments, nature gives new hope to them in the form of eczema natural remedies.

The main difference between prescription medications and the natural treatments for eczema is their content. While both may be manufactured commercially, prescription creams and pills contain ingredients that were formulated in laboratories and natural remedies only contain natural ingredients that have been refined for better absorption of our body. Doctors usually prescribe medications for the alleviation of eczema symptoms, treating natural remedies as second options. But there are also doctors that prefer to prescribe their patients with natural eczema treatments.

Another difference between these two treatment approaches is how they treat eczema. Believe it or not, the eczema creams and pills that doctors prescribe are only meant to decrease the inflammation associated with eczema. They can do nothing for the skin damage that results from your eczema. Also, these medications don’t always work. Some people will see no improvement in their eczema or their rashes will only get worse. However, natural treatments for eczema can do both – relieve your symptoms by reducing the inflammation and itchiness, while in turn assisting your skin to recover from eczema.

To get you started, here are two of the most common eczema natural remedies and how each will be able to help you.

Evening Primrose oil is the most commonly used natural remedy for eczema nowadays. Because it contains gamma lionlenic acid (GLA), it serves as a dry skin moisturizer and therefore has the ability to reduce skin dryness. This is the perfect remedy for eczema types that are characterized by patches of dry skin. And because the oil has the ability to moisturize dry rashes, it can also tremendously reduce the itching that occurs with dry skin irritation.

But Evening Primrose oil is not something that is applied on the skin like eczema creams. It is taken by mouth. To benefit from it, 3000 to 6000 milligrams of it have to be consumed daily for a span of three months. Additional supplementation of zinc, magnesium, and vitamins B6, C, and E are needed to boost the effects of the oil during that time. Then, after those three months, the dosage of the Primrose oil can be reduced to 1000 milligrams and the amount of supplements that you take in can also be lessened.

Fish oil is another supplement that belongs to the many eczema natural remedies that are slowly gaining popularity. Like Evening Primrose oil, it is taken by mouth and not topically applied on the skin. Fish oil is known to be rich in DHA and EPA – essential fatty acids. These fatty acids have already been proven to reduce eczema when used within a 12-week period.

The best fish oils for eczema are the ones that are high quality or are labeled as “pharmaceutical grade”. Pharmaceutical grade fish oils are clean and no longer have the impurities that fish oil naturally has. 5 to 6 grams of this should be consumed daily for twelve weeks. Within which time, you will notice that your eczema symptoms are gradually improving until they completely subside.

The vitamins and nutrients that these two eczema natural remedies provide are able to assist your body in repairing damaged skin cells too. And with these remedies, there is now hope for eczema patients who are not satisfied with OTC eczema creams and medications.

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