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The Secret of Natural Eczema Treatment

The first step is to quickly heal and prevent worse conditions. After that has subsided, the next step is to look internally to see if something your eating could be triggering the outbreaks. In either case, understanding that there are multiple natural solutions and zinc eczema cream is just one of many you should consider for itch relief.

Cold Compression: This is an excellent way to provide relief to the constant itching sensation. Take a soft wash cloth and dip it into ice cold water. Squeeze out all the excess of water from it and then place it over the eczema rashes gently.

Food that is rich in EFA is actually a good example of natural eczema treatments. The hemp seed is rich in EFA, is very nutritious, and, is also a protein provider. Taking a couple of tablespoons of shelled hemp seeds on a daily basis is a recommended treatment of eczema. Heat three tablespoons of olive oil, one tablespoon of shea butter, two teaspoons of beeswax and one teaspoon of emulsifying wax pellets over boiling water. Add one-fourth teaspoon of vitamin E oil and lanolin. Separately, mix 1 tablespoon each of aloe vera gel and distilled water. Add aloe vera solution to the oil and wax mix and whip until creamy. Let cool and mix in lavender essential oil. Apply to skin as needed.

Rub flaxseed oil on the affected area three times a day. Condition should improve within two to three days

Castor Oil has many cleansing and healing properties and can work well to soothe eczema, but it tends to be very thick and will not work well on facial skin. Coconut oil, when applied on the affected area, ensures that the skin remains soft. Many patients use this oil to heal eczema naturally. Rubbing a drop of diluted peppermint oil on the part affected with eczema can also provide great relief from itching. Another oil that is beneficial in this skin condition is patchouli. This oil, when applied topically, acts like an antiseptic and is potent enough to control an eczema outbreak.

You can apply a light mudpack in the affected skin area for eczema treatment. You can even apply coconut oil to the skin, as it will keep the skin soft and moisturized. This is a good eczema cure. Coconut oil helps reducing the inflammation and helps in healing the skin tissue.

Herbal creams and gels are also effective in reducing symptoms of eczema. Creams that are made using herbal extracts of witch hazel, licorice and chamomile can significantly decrease swelling, redness and itching.


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