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Just a little update so I can keep track of what’s going on…

I am still using the Eumovate cream on the initial patch on my hand.
I’ve got little spots of eczema on my forearms and upper arms which I am using the cream on to keep at bay.
I had a blister on my big toe which didnt heal and turned into eczema, the cream is keeping this away but I have to use it every day.
The skin on my cheeks is quite dry but is not eczema yet.
There is some suspicious looking dry patches of skin just infront of my ears but hopfully it won’t become eczema.

Summer is nearly here so hopefully that will help with the dry skin and maybe cure the eczema?

I am quite stressed at the moment as I am arranging a stag do and have a best man’s speech to give at a wedding in about a month.  Plus I am skint as usual and have some relationship issues to deal with!

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