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Voted in the Top 10 Health blogs AGAIN!

We’ve done it again! This is a really quick thank you to everyone who reads, shares, comments and enjoys this blog.

What Allergy voted in the Top 10 Health Blogs 2016[

What Allergy voted in the Top 10 Health Blogs 2016

So how do they decide the Top 10 Health Blogs?

This is what they told me…

“How does Vuelio decide its weekly Top 10 blog ranking is a question we’re often asked – by bloggers aspiring to make it on the list (or angry because they didn’t), by PRs looking to work with top bloggers, and by the media as they chronicle stories from the amazing blogosphere. And while we’re happy for the questions to keep coming, we’ve written this post to address some of the frequently asked questions (and misunderstandings) to make it easier for our readers to understand the value of the Social Media Index and how it all comes together.

What is the Vuelio Social Media Index? The Vuelio Social Media Index is a catch-all phrase that describes the way we manage the information held in our database, and as such is often used to refer to the database itself.

Vuelio top 10 health blogs
Our blog rankings list the most influential blogs across a variety of topics and interests found in the database, ranked according to various datapoints in the index. We started publishing blog rankings in 2008, and since then the method by which we determine influence has been in constant evolution”

So I am so proud that What Allergy has been voted in the Top 10 Health blogs for the 3rd year running.


And we’re in good company with some impressive blogs in the lineup, including the TalkHealth Blog and Food Allergy and Intolerance Ink, two my favourite blogs.

Click here for a list of the Top 10 Health Blogs 2016

What’s your favourite health or allergy blog?





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